Body Language Attraction :How Can You Use it to Attract Someone?

How to Attract Someone With Your Body Language

Body language can be used to attract the man or woman of your dreams. It is extremely important that your body language reflects confidence and interest in the other person


What is Body Language?

Body Language is a series of movements and postures made by an individual. These movements communicate feelings and emotions without speech.

Basically, it’s a non-verbal way of communicating and attracting potential partners.

People who have open gestures can attract anyone that they want. This can usually be referred to as ‘confidence’. If you are going on a marriage meeting, let your body language speak volumes of confidence.

The most confident guys and girls have a lot of success in attracting gorgeous mates. They are also the people who tend to get exactly what they want.

It’s not because they are good looking, it’s in the way that they carry themselves and use their bodily movements.


How Can You Use Body Language to Attract Someone?

Ask yourself, what body posture attracts you to another person?

Do you like it when a man or woman sits on a couch looking bored with their arms and legs crossed?

Or do you like a man or woman who is walking around in space. Using their hands to gesture while speaking to others with a smile?

Exactly! Most people are attracted to individuals with an open body posture.

Other body language signs we are attracted to are:

  • I’m approachable
  • I’m friendly
  • I’m not judgmental
  • I’m fertile
  • I’m interesting
  • I’m funny
  • I’m intelligent
How Can You Showcase the Above Traits Using Body Language?

There are a few instant attraction triggers that you could apply when meeting someone for the first time.



Have your body facing to the person of your dreams, this also means your feet as well as your torso. Don’t cross your arms and keep eye contact. Try not to hunch over, sit up straight. Most importantly – smile and look interested.



It’s in our genetics that naturally, we will be looking for a partner who we can reproduce with. Body movement that shows fertility in :

Men – is to stand up straight with legs widely apart while showing your hands and boarding your shoulders.

Woman – tilting your head slightly with your hair in a loose down style while displaying the soft skin on your hands and wrists.



Show interest by leaning into your partner when they talk. Mimic their body language, when they brush their forehead. You too brush your forehead or when they cross their legs – you cross your legs.  And so forth. (Without looking like a monkey, of course).


Body language is a great tool to use when attracting someone and you shouldn’t underestimate the power it has.

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