Breakups: It’s Never Too Late To Quit

My Only Regret of Leaving You is That I Should Have Done it Sooner

Breakups are never fun. For the younger generations, it has become a basic part of life to jump in and out of relationships, so breaking up is a lot more common for them. But for more serious, mature relationships, the process of breaking up is long and painful. Knowing this can make certain situations difficult for us. We might find ourselves in a bad relationship that we know is harmful, but we still insist on holding on to it with all our strength. A relationship like this brings nothing but misery and stress, creating a traumatic association that unfortunately carries forward into our future relationships.


Reasons For Breakups:


There are a number of reasons why we do this. One reason is that we simply become too comfortable being with someone for us to consider making a change. It seems like too much effort to rearrange the life we’ve become accustomed to, even if it is undeniably unhealthy for us. Maybe we find ourselves with someone who brings us down, takes us for granted, or even physically abuses us, but we’re often too scared and too stubborn to pluck up the courage we need to get them out of our life. We play down their endless faults and indiscretions, constantly putting off the confrontation of their unacceptable behavior out of fear for what might follow. But this is no way to live!


Overcome The Fears of Breakup


We tend to form an idea in our mind of what might happen if we left the relationship. Often we believe that we will never be able to find someone else. Being together with the same person for so long can override any concepts we may have of connecting with another on that same level. Maybe we don’t feel like we’re good enough for anyone else, or maybe it’s simply a lack of perspective that makes us think this way.

Additionally, because breakups are so painful, we usually try to avoid resorting to such acts at all costs; we’ll even prolong our suffering in the unstable relationship just because we don’t want to deal with the breakup drama. It takes a lot of time to rewire your brain after such an event. Depending on how serious the partnership was, it can take anything from 3 months to several years before reaching a place where we are ready to start dating again. This too deters us from moving on.


Starting a New Life


When we finally get to the point where we refuse to put up with our draining relationship any longer, we can make the leap and begin to move on with life. Letting go of a toxic relationship will bring clarity to the situation. We suddenly realize that we’re now open to finding the right person who will connect with us on a healthy level. We gain the freedom to be with someone who truly makes us happy, instead of having us question if we’re meant to be loved by anyone. We’ll understand that holding on to such a negative partnership was only poisoning our well-being, leaving us wondering why we ever tolerated such an environment, to begin with. might be the place for you to find the right partner for you.


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