Healthy Love Versus Toxic Love

There is no perfect relationship, whether in private or business life. Longing for perfectionism can only destroy your relationship and life as a whole. But in most cases, healthy love makes you feel safe, blissful, cared for, appreciated and above all feeling free to be yourself.

On the other hand, toxic love means disconnection between partners, feeling drained, exhausted and not feeling free to be yourself.

And the last thing you need is a harmful relationship.

Here are some differences between the two. Sometimes they are too obvious but what is more obvious is that people stay in a toxic relationship no matter what you tell them.

So, please stay out of an unhealthy relationship because it may lead to a bad marriage, an awful divorce and depression in most of the cases. Then, it will be too late to feel sorrow for you.

Ask yourself this question ON TIME: Do I really want to be happy?

So, the differences:

  1. Healthy – Give and take. Desire to compromise differences and give up some of your own ideas.
  2. Toxic -All take, no give. They suck all the energy out of us just to please themselves with no investing in a relationship.


  1. Healthy- You feel happy and productive and there’s nothing you have to reconsider in your relationship.
  2. Toxic: It seems to you as if you have to work two full-time jobs at the same time i.e. care for you both without ever getting out of that vicious circle. You are mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted


  1. Healthy: You are constantly being your best self
  2. Toxic: You’re constantly being your worst self


  1. Healthy love is brimming with trust
  2. Toxic one is full of lies. Sometimes you don’t know what you have been lying about which puts you in an awkward position when you feel drained again


1.Healthy: Full of balance and positive emotions because partners are working really hard to achieve a state of being emotionally impelled to do wonders.

  1. Toxic: Full of imbalance. It’s when the two of you function as separate entities, who have nothing in common except maybe for sexual lust. Also, it’s full of anger. So, stay out of it. The sooner, the better


1.Healthy: Criticism is rare. If however one of you is judgmental it’s for the sake of constructive arguing as a way to problem-solving. It’s not meant to hurt each other’s feelings.

  1. Toxic: Be ready for constant judgment and yelling, where every argument is a real threat to your relationship. It’s when criticism doesn’t help but rather ruins a relationship, only because he/she is unstable, dissatisfied and probably unhappy. Because they can’t approach a situation as it happens, but rather how they see it.


  1. Healthy: You are spending time with your partner because you love him.
  2. Toxic: You are in a relationship because you feel lonely, not because you love your partner.


  1. Healthy: You almost forgot about your ego.
  2. Toxic: You’re boosting your ego all the time. can be your guide to a better understanding of what a healthy dating relationship is all about. You will certainly find your soul mate without investing too much time and energy because the experts will provide you with all the answers you want to know. You will discover millions of like-minded people looking to build their healthy relationships.  What’s better than that?:)

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