Cat And Mouse

Cat and Mouse Love – Keep This In Mind


We may have seen that people behave in odd ways when they’re in love. When they feel romantic they become different persons. Some people love to play cat and mouse games and want that someone must chase them. They come close and then flee. They run away after being physically and emotionally connected. You meet someone at and start avoiding to play the cat and mouse games.


It’s the age old question and the thing that bugs female daters of all sizes, shapes, ages, and races. Do women really want men to chase them? Is it REALLY a case of a cat running after a mouse? As far as dating and love are concerned, girls like communication and clarity in the relationship. They don’t like to play games. But sometimes, to seek attraction, they ‘back off’ in order to capture their interest. Whaaaatttt???  Do men really want to chase us?  Yes, they do!


A woman gives a little, takes a little. The men get excited and they look for more and more in a relationship. Suddenly, the girl stops, ready to be captured and loved. But the guy runs away. The reason is that he thinks that there is no charm in achieving something easy. You know men are attracted to things they asses ‘Value’ to. And at times, they give ‘Value’ to things that they can’t get.


Why there is a need for cat and mouse love?

The reality is that such a thing describes a hidden battle between the couples to gain love and attention. They actually keep the distance to make their love strong. The reason is that the mouse is interested in the cat because that chases him while the cat is interested in the mouse because that flees. In love, as long as the game of chase and flee is on, couples think that they love each other. They want to maintain a distance in relationship to get attention from the partner.


Is this type of love healthy?

Yes, it’s healthy. It is always a great idea to play a cat and mouse games so that you could offer space to your relationship. Couples must keep their interests and individuality separate and understand each other’s needs. Couples must realize that they are at a distance to relive and revive the love. They should discuss how they will spend time separately so that there is no confusion about that.


The bad thing about cat and mouse love

It involves controlling the emotions of another person by blackmailing. As a matter of fact, it is a deliberate and calculated attempt to control the emotions of another person. One person is running away while the other is pursuing emotional bonding. That’s not healthy.


If you’re in a cat and mouse love, watch your partner carefully and observe when the mouse runs. If he/she wants attention, that’s okay. But if he/she is trying to blackmail you, stop running towards the Mouse and deal with the situation. Join today and say goodbye to loneliness.

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