Why Serial Dating is a Bad Practice

Why Serial Dating is a Bad Practice?

In recent years and decades, we have witnessed a huge shift in the culture of dating. Many people are experimenting with their love life and partner choices


One of the common practices among younger people is serial dating. This is why we can see many different systems of coupling, relationships and love all around us.

In this overview, we will explain what it is, who does it and why it’s not such a good idea. We also have a tip on what you can do instead to find true love.


What is Serial Dating?

Serial dating is a type of romantic practice where a person dates a large number of people in a short time. This can mean that they quickly start new relationships after breakups, but it can also imply dating more people at the same time.

Serial daters are people who don’t like to conventional rules of dating. They see the possible negative consequences of failing in their dating life, so they decide to take a shortcut.


What Types of People are Serial Daters?

Whenever you hear someone being called a serial dater, it’s usually in a negative connotation. Many people consider that serial daters are people who are afraid to be alone.

This is a partial reason as to why people do serial dating. It doesn’t have to be something done out of fear. Serial daters are sometimes people who have been dating from a very young age, and simply don’t know how to be without a partner.

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What’s definitely a common trait among all serial daters is emotional immaturity and low self-esteem. Commonly, emotionally mature people find themselves in long, loving and thriving relationships. Oppositely, emotionally immature individuals find it hard to form lasting relationships.


Is Serial Dating Good For You?

There is only one scenario where serial dating is good for you. If you are still searching for yourself and you’re not really sure what you want from a partner, you could benefit from serial dating. However, make sure that you let the person who you’re with know your deal. In other cases, you might hurt other people and spread negative energy.

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If you think that serial dating is good for your self-esteem, that’s wrong. It might feel good for a short time. You can even feel short-term rushes from fresh dates and new crushes. However, when you recap your love life after a few months, you will not be able to remember a single person you have formed a connection with. The life of a serial dater is a lonely life, however paradoxical it may seem.


How to Escape the Cycle of Serial Dating?

You’re really trying hard. You’ve put yourself out there, made the effort to try your best and make every relationship work, but you still end up single and looking for a new bae. If you’re done with this vicious cycle and you’re ready to commit to someone for the rest of your life, visit GoMarry.com.

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