Catcalling A Woman: Compliment or Offense


What Is Catcalling

Catcalling is the act of aggressively making sexual remarks or noises to someone in order to signalize they’re attractive. A well-known stereotype involves construction workers who whistle to good-looking women passing by. Regardless of how you look, you’ve probably been catcalled at least once. Maybe it made you feel good about yourself and boosted your self-confidence, or you hated it and you felt harassed and repulsed? Well, most women will actually feel quite unpleasant when someone catcalls them. First of all, there’s the factor that the woman is being objectified and sexualized. Secondly, it’s an incredibly awkward situation because the woman doesn’t know how to react.

Generally, catcalling has a really bad rep. It’s usually considered that only low-brow men catcall women and that no gentleman would ever do this. It’s also generally considered as an inappropriate way to compliment a good-looking woman. On the other hand, when a man catcalls you, it means that he finds you attractive. Shouldn’t this be flattering? Wouldn’t you feel flattered if someone approached you and told you that you look really beautiful? In this case, it seems that it’s more a question of delivery than the actual content.

On, we deal with these kinds of topics that represent the pros and cons of dating and male-female relationships. If you want to meet partners who want marriage, and not something casual, you can join the site. What should you actually make of catcalling? As a woman, should you be offended if somebody catcalls you or just shrug it off and take it as a compliment?


The list of reasons why catcalling is offensive is quite long. It’s basically something that’s utterly sexual harassment, and there’s hardly another way to look at it.

  1. It objectifies and sexualizes women’s bodies

It’s not enough that women’s bodies are completely objectified in media, entertainment and online, but real women have to experience it in their daily lives as well. Women are intellectual, emotional, and spiritual creatures just like men, and catcalling reduces them to their most basic, physical form.

  1. It’s rude and improper

Catcalling a woman is simply in very, very poor taste. Can you even imagine a guy with an elegant vibe and a lot of self-confidence catcalling a woman? It’s always done by men who are impolite and unpleasant. They are also men who don’t know how to perceive a woman unless it’s in a sexual way.


  1. It means you’re good-looking

If someone took the time, effort and possible humiliation to catcall you, you probably look jaw-dropping. You should rely on catcallers for your daily self-confidence boost, but it can be a great way to quickly feel better about your looks and go on with your day.

  1. For non-sexual things

If someone catcalls you for something that’s not your breasts, behind, legs or other feminine body parts, it can be quite nice. As long as the comment isn’t sexually offensive and doesn’t objectify you, you can take it as a compliment.

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