Selfish People

Selfish People: How to Spot & Stop them from Hurting You

The amazing thing about selfish people is that they don’t for one minute believe they’re selfish. Selfish persons care only about themselves. In a relationship, a selfish person can be disastrous.


For Starters, What is Unselfish Love?


Love is unselfish. It gives without looking to receive. Spontaneous unselfishness is the essence of true love. Real love requires a person putting their own needs on hold and responding to their partner’s needs. Giving is contagious and it encourages one to want to return a good deed. A word of caution though: don’t give to get, because that can just lead to frustration. Give with a thankful heart that your wonderful partner is in your life. On the other hand, you don’t want to give unendingly to a partner who continuously takes advantage of your loving intentions and never, ever reciprocates. The happiest relationships are those where partners give 100% and receive 100% in return.


Selfish People – Take All and Give Zero


So how do you spot the person who only wants to receive 100% and give zero in return? All couples hurt and disappoint each other at times and this is normal, but when self-centered, inconsiderate behavior becomes the norm, all the joy and fun can go out of a relationship.


We look at how to spot a self-centered, selfish person –


  • Self-Importance


One of the biggest signs of selfishness that is so easy to spot with a selfish person is that they just want to talk about themselves – nonstop. One of the most coveted reasons to be in an intimate relationship is that there is always a listening ear, but the selfish person is not one bit interested in what you have to say. A selfish person scarcely listens to what you’re saying as they’ve got an idea they want to talk about. This kind of selfishness is a recipe for frustration and loneliness in a relationship.


  • Feeling Blighted


Woe to you if you say something just a little bit offensive, even if by accident, to a selfish person. They take it personally, are easily offended, and if you’re in the company, they make it unpleasant so that you can cut the atmosphere with a knife.


Can’t Bear to ALWAYS be Included


There are selfish people who believe that once you’re in a relationship, you’re joined at the hip. You can’t go out with the guys or girls without them tagging along. If you’re having fun, then why should they be alone? They’ll spoil things for you and rant and whine to come with until you drag them along or just don’t go yourself. Insecurities can bring out the selfishness of people, so watch out for people with an inferiority complex before you tie the knot – they can bring you down so as to lift themselves up. Wants Nothing to do with Your Family and Friends


Characteristics of Selfishness


Hopefully, you’ll detect this selfish characteristic in your partner before it ruins your marriage. Your partner refuses to hang out with your family or friends or does so under great duress. They like to offer snide remarks about them regardless of the kind of people they are. If you want to go and visit your parents or friends, it becomes so unpleasant beforehand that sometimes you call off your visit. There are many dating sites, but they’ve got the reputation of having people on them who aren’t really serious about long term committed relationships. They don’t care about changing to be more pleasant to be with.


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