When You Thought She’ll Never Leave But Actually She Did (Explained)


You were one of the few lucky people who had the chance to be with this type of girl. She’s pretty, generous, smart, kind and loving. Her love is hard and unconditional. She’s the kind of girl who deserves to feel all the happiness and love in the world because her heart is so pure and big.

However, you couldn’t or perhaps, didn’t want to see or deserve all that. You thought she’d always stay by your side no matter what you say or do. You thought that you’re the master of her body, soul and mind. In fact, you took her for granted.

She trusted what you said with all of her heart. She loved you wholeheartedly because she thought you’d care her. However, you did the opposite.

Despite all her sincere efforts and honesty, you sold her sweet lies. Whenever she needed you’re never there. You always broke her heart even though you knew how much she loved you.

And you thought she’d never leave but guess what? She did.

She left because there was no choice left. She waited for you to change or modify but you never did. However, her heart was so strong and stubborn that she never left without a fight. She fought hard to win your love and attention. She not only had self belief but she also believed in you that you’d change and start loving her.

But you never responded because you always took her for granted. You thought she’ll never left. You gave her crumbs of your toxic love while she gave you all of herself and you thought she’d never leave.

Why she left?

She cried from within

You mentally abused her. It made her cry from within even when you’re around. She never expected anything from you but just a little love and care. Whenever you yelled at her with anger she forgave you. You never gave her attention. She always looked for the same attention you gave her when you first met at gomarry.com.

You never noticed the pain in her eyes

From the beginning to the end, she always held your heart in the palm of her hands. She was very thankful to you and gave you her brightest smile. But you fooled her with all of your manipulative words and lies. Still, she ignored that. She treated you with gold but you never acknowledged her love and sincerity. She even tried to change her to please you but you never noticed. You didn’t give value to her sorrows and pains.

She never wanted to hurt you

You gave her pain and she retuned smiles. She smiled even when she was in pain. She waited that you’d realize your mistakes but you never did. And every time she gave you another chance, she was letting you know that she would wait for you to change.

And she left

In the end, she got tired of all this and she decided to move on. And the moment she decided to move on was the moment when she swore to herself that she would never look back again.

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