Compromise: Do It For Your Happiness For A Relationship


We all know that compromise is the cornerstone to the success of any relationship. If either partner isn’t willing to compromise than the crumble of a marriage or relationship is inevitable. But, the question remains how much of yourself should you compromise? A relationship is give and take, and if one partner is taking more than giving, or giving more than taking.  The balance is going to be thrown off and suffering is bound to happen.


Sacrificing For Your Relationship


Love is seen as a positive and wonderful experience. And should be celebrated as such. Little compromises are a normal and healthy part of any coupling. If your partner asks you to go to dinner with his colleagues and you really don’t want to. It doesn’t take a relationship expert to know that when something is important to someone. You make time, effort and space for it. When it comes to big issues such as where to send your kids to school, or a partner is asked to give up smoking – these are big, tough, sit down talks that are needed for the betterment of the family dynamic, but still compromise is required. However, when one partner starts to make unreasonable demands on the other or someone feels that they have to compromise themselves to make their partner happy, there in lies a deeper and potentially more damaging issue.


Giving Up On Relationship


When we first start dating someone, we are filled with a hormonal bliss. We can often over look signs or red flags that we are not meant to be. During this stage, we may be willing to give up anything or everything to be with this person. As a relationship progresses, and you get to know the person you are dating on a deeper level, that’s when the cracks start to show. When you push down parts of yourself or start to give up too much of what you stand for and believe in, your relationship is no longer building you up, as a relationship should. In fact, it’s tearing you down and the only compromising done is who you really are. That’s not fair to you, and it’s not fair to your partner.


Get You Deserve


So this brings us to the question of compromising happiness for the success of a relationship. If it wasn’t obvious before, my answer is a resounding no. Whether you feel that you need to hide a part of yourself, or you’re with someone that makes you feel insecure – life is too short to be with someone who doesn’t take you as you are. Lots of emotions and feelings are brought up when we stifle certain aspects of ourselves. Its like opening Pandora’s box, and it’s anyone’s guess how they will emerge. So, if you feel like you are compromising too much of yourself, this will affect your ability to achieve true happiness. And if you can’t love yourself with the one person who’s meant to love and cherish you for life – then what’s the point?

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