Lasting Relationship

Lasting Relationship: What Men Want in a Relationship


Whether you are starting a new relationship or have been in a relationship for quite some time, it is quite effective to learn about the expectations of men from a relationship.  It could be easy to say that their expectations are identical to yours; however, this is the case in reality. Investing time and learning the men’s expectations could be beneficial for the overall relationship. Therefore, it is extremely important to recognize what men want in a relationship and how to know if the relationship will last.

Here are some Indications to have a great relationship:


  1. Men Want Attraction

Men are visual creatures. They desire to have a physically attractive partner. There are plenty of relationships, which failed because of lack and no attraction in the relationship. Remember, the attraction gets lower by presenting yourself needy and demanding in the relationship. You need to maintain an independent and strong personality to have a healthy relationship with your partner.

You can bring attraction to the relationship by enjoying your natural side and being confident. Your positive attitude is highly attractive to men, while negative behavior could be a constant turnoff to your men. Try to be natural and avoid spending too much effort to impress him. Just be confident and natural, and he will automatically get attracted to you in a lasting relationship. Have confidence in what you are and have believed in you that you are the perfect partner for you, man.


  1. Men Desire Emotional Intimacy

Most men are not expressive. They like to keep their feeling to themselves. However, there are some men who prefer expressing their emotions to their partner in a relationship. Remember, men are looking for a safe place in the relationship. A strong relationship is identified by the emotional expression of a man in front of his partner. However, it might take years to build such emotional intimacy in the relationship. This emotional intimacy applies to both partners in a healthy relationship.

You should not be afraid to express your care and love in return for his emotions as your relationship would progress with an expression of emotional intimacy. If a guy has been emotionally connected to you, then this is a strong induction that he truly wants you in the relationship.


  1. Men Want Respect and Praise

Respect is the key ingredient that determines the strength of a successful relationship. Respect and love often go together in a relationship. If you love him, then you would respect him dearly.

Men are sensitive concerning their egos, you should never make fun of their feelings and emotions as this could affect a healthy relationship. On the other hand, men desire their partner to praise them for their efforts and hard work. It often enhances their confidence and self-esteem in the relationship. They dream of being accepted for their individuality and praised for their big or small efforts from their partner.

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