Create an Intense Emotional Attraction

In our modern times, there’s a lot of significance placed on physical attraction. Lately, it’s become so important that many people seem to think that physical attraction is the basis of a great relationship.

This is true when it comes to dating, and if you’re into having short, meaningless adventures with people you find physically attractive, that’s your choice.

However, for a lasting marriage, and not a short relationship, the basic ingredient is emotional attraction and connection.

Emotional attraction is the cornerstone of intimacy. Before you get the desire to deepen your intimacy with someone, you’ll first have to feel emotional attraction. Intimacy is an amazing experience, and it’s a thing most humans crave during their lives. It’s a feeling of being physically, emotionally and intellectually connected to another person.


What is an emotional attraction?

Emotional attraction is the first serious step to lasting love.

It’s the feeling of wanting to share thoughts, dreams, and aspirations with another person.

It’s a desire to get to know the person, without being interested in pushing your own opinions or ideas.

It’s about wanting to talk to this person all day, every day.

It’s about feeling as if this person is your soulmate.

Next, to the initial emotional attraction you feel when you first meet someone, it’s also very important to keep this feeling alive in your potential relationship. Emotional attraction is different than physical attraction and has a tendency to grow the more time you spend with someone.

Here are the ways to nurture emotional attraction:


  1. Communication

The emotional connection grows exponentially the more you communicate to another person. It allows you to get to know the person better and to figure out their thought flow.

Without communication, we simply disconnect from each other. This is the reason why some partners who started their relationship with strong emotional attraction get cold and distant.

This communication doesn’t necessarily have to be face-to-face. A simple ‘Good Morning’ text can go a long way. This is the reason some cyber long-distance relationships work: without ever seeing each other, partners have managed to establish emotional attraction through communication.

  1. Spending Time Together

The more time you spend with someone, the more emotionally attracted you will be to them. You might have even noticed that some people you dislike become much more tolerable and even likable when you spend an increased amount of time with time.

Every second with your partner matters. You don’t have to go out on super-romantic dates all the time. A simple walk in the park, movie night, or a quick lunch can be enough to keep that spark alive.

  1. Be Focused on Your Partner

It’s very easy to get caught up in our own lives and neglect our partner’s emotional needs. When this happens, emotional attraction weakens and relationships go south.

When you’re talking to your partner, forget about all of your problems, obligations, and tasks and focus solely on your partner.

Maintain eye contact during your conversation and engage in active listening. Show your partner that you care about their day, their thoughts and actions.

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