Curious Person – Here’s The Secret That Nobdoy Tells


In general terms, curiosity is a positive thing as it broadens the horizon of our thought and gives us an opportunity to improve our thinking process. However, when it comes to the curiosity in a relationship, it can be attributed as both positive and negative trait of a person. It is hard to distinguish between both in the beginning but with the passage of time, you will see clear signs either the person’s curiosity is good or it is bad for your relationship.


Positive Aspects of Curiosity

On the positive side, it can be the curiosity of a person to find new ways to make his or her partner happy. What makes him curious? well, it is no secret I guess,  he is curious because he wants to know you more, he wants to learn new things about you i.e. what do you like to eat? where do you do? what do you like to wear? and what kind of people fascinate you? He keeps reading your habits so that he or she can make the best decision to make you comfortable with him or her.


A Curious Person Makes Better Connections

It is observed that curious people can have a better connection with their mates. They enjoy a better relationship as compared to some static, or boring couples. Curiosity gives an opportunity to know some hidden secrets to make people happy. Overall, it depends on what is the intention behind the curiosity. You don’t want a curious person? However, If your partner is curious, he is always after the little things you do, well! it is the time to have a quick review of the relationship.


Negative Curiosity  

On the other side, there is negative curiosity, and it leads to the gradual destruction of the relationship. This type of person will keep on looking around the corners to seek information about your hidden weaknesses.  It may be owing to his or her own insecurities, maybe he or she has some grey areas in their private personal life which they don’t want you to know.  He is curious because he wants to have an eye on your “baggage” as a balancing act to retaliate if you come to know about his or her secrets.

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Curiosity Can be the Outcome of an Intense Relationship

Another type of partners who are curious exhibit the symptoms of being intense in their relationship. Keep on monitoring you and spying your habits. Analyze your social circle to see what type of activities you perform there. And not necessarily negative in their approach. The case can either be a good one to improve your security or it can be negative to dictate terms on you.


Past Triggers Curiosity

There are some partners who remain curious about your past. This is the most dangerous type of curiosity. They not only want to control you in your present but want to know your past in order to make sure either they should step forward to be in a relationship with you or not.

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