Walking on Eggshells

Signs that You’re Walking on Eggshells In a Relationship


Romantic relationships are fragile: one minute, you two might be all lovey-dovey and romantic. And the other, you can’t stand each other. Many people who care about another person and want to keep the relationship going. They will do their best to avoid the latter scenario. This means putting up with some things in order to make your partner happy or satisfied. However, if you want to be in a mature, healthy relationship, you should never walk on eggshells. Especially not when you’re with your partner. If you’re not sure whether you do it in your relationship, here are some tell-tale signs:

  1. You Avoid Disagreements

Avoiding conflicts is a basic trait of people who walk on eggshells. But in a relationship, you might notice that you put in enormous efforts to avoid even the tiniest disagreements. This makes you very easy to manipulate. And your partner will quickly recognize that you will do anything to avoid a conflict. Remember, getting into an argument every now and then is not necessarily bad. Conflicts are a way of resolving issues together, instead of separately. So, if you want to have a long-lasting, stable marriage, you’ll have to accept that conflicts will and should happen.

  1. You’re Like This With Your Friends

Your romantic partner is not the first and only person in your life. Who is enjoying the privilege of your walking on eggshells? Actually, people who have the tendency of avoiding conflicts and treading carefully are usually like that with their family and friends. So, look outside your romantic relationship: if you try to please everyone, you might be an eggshell-walker.

  1. You’re Afraid of Abandonment

It’s normal to want to stick to your partner, especially if your relationship is going great. However, people who tend to walk on eggshells in a relationship will be constantly worried that their partner will leave them. This is a trait of various different personality disorders. If you are irrationally afraid that your partner will leave and you do anything you can to stop it, you might benefit from finding out what’s the root of that kind of thinking.

  1. Your Partner Always Gets Their Way

When your partner has the ability to talk you into whatever they want to do. Your wishes and needs are not respected at all, and you would rather obey someone else than to voice your concerns. Remember, no matter how much you may love your partner, not standing your ground will always be a losing strategy in the long-term. Put yourself first, at least sometimes, and show your partner that you are just as important part of your relationship as they are.

Walking on eggshells in a relationship is no way to love and be in love, so it’s time to change something. Visit GoMarry.com and sign up if you are really ready for a mature, stable and loving relationship. With your new partner, you’ll finally be able to be who you really are and behave the way you want to.


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