Dealing With A Ghosting Boyfriend

How to Deal With A Ghosting Boyfriend

Dealing with a ghosting boyfriend is a cruel and confusing situation and if this is happening to you, you deserve better


As humans, we naturally want closure and to mentally comprehend why things have ended. When a partner ghosts you for no apparent reason.

It will leave you wondering what went wrong or if there is someone else. You may even wonder if ghosting boyfriend ever loved you at all.

If a man ghosts you, he is sending a clear signal that he is no longer interested in you. This can be hard to accept if you have given your whole heart into the relationship.  Read:

The important thing to remember is that anyone who resorts to ghosting is not boyfriend material. While it may hurt now, try to think of this as a blessing in disguise.

Everyone knows that it is common decency to at least break up with someone if no longer interested. But the kind of guy who ghosts is incapable of considering the feelings of others – and is likely a psychopath.

You are now free to move on and find someone better, who is able to love you the way you deserve.


Real Men Don’t Ghost

Your brain is probably going crazy, coming up with all kinds of excuses for him. You might be worried that his phone is stolen, or concerned that he is sick or hurt.

If he has only been ghosting you for a few days this might be true, but if you can see that the messages are going through and he is not responding or answering calls then there is a major problem.

It doesn’t matter what he is going through. If he is your boyfriend, he owes you an explanation for his behavior.

All it takes is one tiny text message, to communicate what he is feeling or thinking. If he can’t do that, then he has serious issues and should not be dating at all. A real man will always take your feelings into account and never take you for granted.


Time To Move On

While you may feel obligated to tell ghosting boyfriend that you are breaking up with him, it really isn’t necessary.

For all, you know you may never hear from him again, and it’s not like you aren’t trying to get hold of him. It sucks that you can’t get closure, but you need to face the reality of the situation and accept that he is gone.

Take the time you need to come to terms with your loss and disappointment.  But be sure to remind yourself that ghosting boyfriend has shown his true character and you are worth more than he could ever give you.

Just mark your relationship status as single on Facebook and burn all the pictures you have of him. Even if he does come crawling back to you. Stay strong and give him a taste of his own medicine by ghosting him back. Signup to and find a true mate who does not even know what ghosting is all about.

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