What is a Real Relationship

When you scroll through Instagram, you can see a bunch of perfect couples hashtagging #relationshipgoals. But, is this what a real relationship looks like? Is it all smiley faces, traveling all over the world and taking photos?

In the real world, you can easily notice what a real relationship looks like. However, when we go on social media, it seems like everyone is living these perfect lives with their perfect partners. Do these relationships even exist? It’s very easy to find yourself feeling self-conscious about your relationships after scrolling through these awesome pics.


Therefore, we’ve prepared signals of a real relationship. If you want to find a real relationship easily and marry, visit GoMarry.com. Here, you can find partners who are ready for a real relationship.


  1. Perfection Does Not Exist

Real relationships are not perfect and they don’t pretend they are. Since a relationship is a partnership between two imperfect people, it’s impossible that it combines into perfection.

Real couples don’t run away from their imperfections, but they embrace them. They realize that their relationship’s flaws are what actually make it unique and interesting.


  1. It’s in the Real World

If you judge by Instagram, happy couples live on sunny, sandy beaches in Hawaii. This is not true. Real relationships happen in the real world: in long commutes, after hard days at work, in the midst of all kinds of problems.

It’s what makes them amazing: the world goes around with all its excitements and problems, but you always come back to your partner.


  1. There’s Fighting and Rough Patches

If you and your partner fight and argue, that is perfectly normal. Every real relationship consists of conflicts, next to the lovey-dovey cuddle time. Conflicts are actually a way in which a relationship grows and becomes stronger.

When facing a new issue, partners in real relationships solve it, even though arguing. Real relationships solve their problems through hard work and efforts.


  1. It’s Hard to Find

If you look at dating sites and hookup apps, you might get the impression that you can find a relationship behind every corner. With just a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to meet someone new and start a relationship.

This is also a myth. Relationships are hard to find and even harder to maintain. If you want to find a real relationship, you will have to work very hard to find it. It’s not something you can pick up without even trying.


  1. Bad Times Happen

In every country, culture and a person’s lifetime, bad things are bound to happen. When you think about it, hard times are when you need your partner the most. In real relationships, partners hang on even tighter when their partner is going through a rough time.

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