Depression Promiscuity

Depression Promiscuity: How To Deal With Causes & Signs

Depression promiscuity is the other name of indiscriminate” sexual behavior, When we’re consistently unhappy in a relationship, we start to fall into a permanent state of depression


The longer our needs go unchecked, the more depressed we become. Eventually, the depression feeds off of itself.

We become more depressed without there even being a real reason behind it.  After a while, we’re so dissatisfied with where we sit in the relationship. Consequently, we begin to consider searching elsewhere for what we’re missing. There are a few typical causes that lead us to depression promiscuity in a relationship.

Lack of Partner’s Attention

When our partner doesn’t pay enough attention to us.  We feel unappreciated and sooner or later we go looking for someone else to give us the attention we deserve. Whether they focus too much on work or they simply lose passion for the relationship, the results turn out the same.

Sexual Frustration Ignites Depression Promiscuity

Another common cause is when we’re sexually frustrated. If our partner isn’t fulfilling our needs sexually or perhaps even ignoring those needs completely. The idea creeps into our minds that maybe we can find someone else to give us that satisfaction.

Emotional Abandonment

The most frequent cause of depression promiscuity is emotional abandonment. When our emotions are misunderstood or disrespected, we feel as if we’re not being taken seriously.

How To Deal With Depression Promiscuity

If any of these situations occur briefly in a relationship, it’s not the end of the world. However, it’s important that they’re discussed immediately. If we put these problems off long enough, they begin to fester, slowly chipping away pieces of our happiness. We become more depressed every time we don’t confront these issues until one day we act out. And do something stupid out of desperation.

Communication Is The Key

When we are experiencing early signs of depression promiscuity, communication is really important. If we’re not open about the stuff that bothers us, our partners can’t know what they need to work on to fix the problem. If your partner cares as deeply for you as they should, they will notice your depression and do everything they can to make things better. But that doesn’t mean we should expect them to be mind readers.

Honesty and Forthrightness Can Help

If we’re not honest and forthright about whatever it is that’s bothering us, it’s possible we’ll end up doing something that we’ll regret. We don’t want our emotions to get so out of hand that they take control of our actions. We start to think irrationally and suddenly we find ourselves justifying behavior that we would normally deem unacceptable. Messing around with someone else is not the solution to our problems; in fact, it’s going to make things much worse.

It Takes Two To Tango

Both people in the relationship need to continuously work hard to make sure that they’re delighted with one another. The moment that starts to fade is the moment when the quality of the relationship begins to spiral. We don’t want to leave the relationship. But if we can’t express our discontentment then depression is guaranteed to set in.

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