Dimensions of Compatibility


The dating world has changed in a big way over the years, from having to write your partner love letters, telling them how you feel, to have to make house calls and such things. However, technology has become so advanced over time, that we know have websites like GoMarry.com and apps like Tinder, which all try to find ways of finding you your perfect match. With that said, there is never going to be one simple and easy way to make this happen, since you can’t know whether you are going to like someone based on a few pictures and a short bio. It is for that reason that so many dating agencies, both online and offline, now use their own unique dimensions of compatibility to find you your one true love.


When it comes to finding out the perfect dimensions of compatibility, there are a set of questions that you will need to answer. The idea behind these questions is that they are going to dig deep into your inner person, find out all of the most important things to you, your life and your future, and then match you with someone who has the same or very similar results. After all, the only way to having a long and happy relationship is to make sure that you are matched with someone who has a personality you find most desirable. Yes, good looks can be important to some, but at the end of the day, it is someone who you have a connection with who is going to make it work.


There are a number of different areas that these dating companies target, in order to give you the best match they possibly can. These areas are then broken down into smaller sub-areas so that they can really get to the heart and soul of you. They will dig deep into your emotional temperament, from your emotional being to your romantic side, and beyond. They will then look at the social side of your personality, in order to get a grasp on the kind of character you are and how adaptable you can be as a person. There is obviously an area of your physical side, from your looks to your passion, to your general health and wellbeing. Another important area is your culture and your religion, along with your family values and your ambition in life. Then, of course, there are your relationship behaviors and what you are like as a lover and companion, including how your mood can vary in certain situations.


All of these things come together to get a better understanding of you as a person and what you are like in a relationship. This will give the dating agency a very good idea of the type of person you are and will be in the future, as well as the type of person you are looking for as a partner. They then take this information and use it to match you to the person or, in many cases, people who they feel are best suited to you. From there, it is all in your own hands to get to know your potential partner and hopefully have a long and happy relationship with them.

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