Rebound Relationships

Do Rebound Relationships Ever Work – Honest Advice


Now there have actually been plenty of research done on rebound relationships and whether they actually ever work or not, with some interesting results. According to most of these reports, it seems that around 90% of rebound relationships never last, with the majority of them not even making it to the two-month stage. However, that leaves around 10% of the time where the rebound relationship does work. So to answer the question, “do rebound relationships ever work?” then the answer has to be yes, as it does, some of the time. Since we have now established that rebound relationships do work, despite it being a small percentage of the time, the next logical step to take is to find out how you can make a rebound relationship work.

That is what we are going to do for you here. We have a few pieces of advice, which we are sure is going to go a long way towards helping you to have success in your rebound relationship.


Open and Honest

As we always say, time and time again, in order to make any relationship work, you really do need to be open and honest about everything. In a rebound relationship, that means talking about the recent breakup you just went through. You need to be open with your new partner about how and why things ended, making sure that you are honest about it all. This way, you can go into this new romance with a completely clean slate, which gives things a much better chance of working.


Who Ended to Relationship?

If the ex was the person to end the relationship, then the likelihood is that this new romance is just to fill a void left by the ex. If this is the case, then it is likely that the rebound relationship won’t work. However, if you ended the relationship, or your new partner ended theirs, then there is a much bigger chance that the rebound relationship will work. This is because there will be no pining after the ex and the previous romance is completely over 100%.


How Did the Relationship End?

If the previous relationship ended on bad terms, then the chances are that there will be a lot of unresolved issues still lingering. This means that there is a strong chance that this rebound relationship will be over before it has even begun. Meanwhile, if that last romance ended on good terms and there are no issues left with the ex, then it will make things easier for moving on. This way, there is going to be a far greater chance of the rebound relationship going the distance.

So if you have just started in the early stages of a rebound relationship, then it might be a good idea to take a look at the above points and see where this new romance falls. If you get a positive response from all of them, then you can be positive about your rebound relationship, as it might just last the test of time.


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