Invisible or Out-looked: Here’s How to Get Back in the Spot Light

Feeling lonely or invisible in a relationship can be painful. Generally, it’s a sign that something is amiss. However, it may only be your perception rather than due to the attitude and behavior. First of all, you may notice that your partner is ignoring you. You may be giving more time to your friends, office, hobbies or even pets. All these factors are taking up your partner’s time.


On the other hand, you may be feeling invisible or overlooked because the intimacy between both of you has gone. You may be talking to each other only to discuss day-to-issues and there is no romantic or exciting chat left. You probably have forgotten the last time you made each other laugh, surprised each other or had fun together. Nobody likes to be ignored, particularly when you feel like your partner is not giving you the attention you deserve.  So what’s the solution?


Let’s be honest

In most of the cases, we expect too much from our partner. We expect the best lover, a best friend, soul mate, compatibility living together, someone we can really talk to, similar world views, someone to stimulate our brains and cheer us up – a long list for any of us mere mortals.

To deal with this problem, you must try to make sure that some parts of your life or some of your needs must be met by other persons like your family, friends or colleagues. In this way, you’ll put less pressure on your partner to be everything.


Change your perspective

You must take action if you feel you’re really ignored by your partner. But for minor offenses, change your behavior and outlook according to the situation. Don’t take things too personal to avoid feeling invisible when there is no such thing in reality. By adjusting your thinking pattern, you can overcome this feeling of being overlooked or ignored.


Look for a solution-focused mindset

You must be clear in communication with your partner. Never hide your feelings and express what you like or dislike. Don’t think about being overlooked; think what being fulfilled and appreciated would look like. In a relationship, both partners set the rules and parameters. So it’s worth asking yourself what you can do to change your way of being together. It’s good then always expecting a response from your partner. In simple words, you can make a change in your relationship with your own positive actions. But the key is communication.


Take care of your partner’s feelings

It really helps to turn the tables. First, you must ask yourself whether your partner is feeling overlooked and ignored. How you can appreciate your partner? It will help you a lot to bring the things back on track.


Do it for you

If all the tips don’t seem to work, try this. Stop working so hard to get noticed. Feel good about yourself and your work. It will boost up your self-confidence. This enhanced self-esteem will make your personality strong and it would ultimately make you more noticeable. If you want to always get noticed by your lover, visit and find your true love.

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