Interracial Relationship: Meeting of Two Worlds

Interracial Relationship: What is Meeting of Two Worlds Like?

You simply cannot assume anything from race, other than which gorgeous skin tone a person may have


This is the age of the interracial relationship. Culture and race are two very different things. Most people tend to think of racial differences in terms of cultural differences, but this is not necessarily the case. For example, you could find that an oriental person was raised by an African American family or an African person being raised by Canadians. There is an infinite number of potential variations.

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It is scientifically documented that at a genetic level. The height gene holds more weight than the race gene, so comparing race is as irrelevant as trying to group short people versus tall people. This article is not about race at all but will explore how to successfully navigate an intercultural relationship.


What is culture?

Culture is more than just language and location of origin, although that is a part of it. Culture is also about traditions, beliefs (including religion), values and way of living (including gender roles). The elements that make up the culture of a particular group of people overlap many of the elements that make for a successful relationship.

While most traditions don’t hold much weight when it comes to deal breakers. When different beliefs and values come into play it can create a problem. For example, a vegetarian could not marry into an African culture; where the slaughtering of an animal (at the traditional ceremony) is seen as normal and even sacred. Likewise, a feminist would find it difficult to integrate into the Muslim community.

Similar interests, beliefs, and values, in particular, are the cornerstone of any successful partnership. But if two are in an interracial relationship, similarities may not be needed.

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Despite the odds, there are many couples who have managed to merge two different cultures or even two different religions.


Globalization in Encouraging Interracial Relationships

These days with the internet and globalization interracial relationships are becoming a norm. People are becoming more and more open-minded with many millennials borrowing what they like from a variety of different cultures. When it comes to the culture there is no right or wrong way of living, with most groups agreeing on universal principles of ethics. Choosing to explore and even embrace another culture, is simply a question of what you feel comfortable with or choose to accept.

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The Meeting of Two Worlds

Personal identity is simply a belief that you have about yourself. These beliefs are fluid and subject to change. People change religions, social status, gender roles and much more according to their life experiences.

That’s why we often refer travelers to as “worldly” people because they have experienced many different cultures to their own, which opens the mind and broadens world view.

Intercultural couples have to face challenges ranging from different communication styles, to how to bring up their mixed children and navigate family. This can be done as long as the couple is on the same page with the important things.

An alignment of values and shared vision of the future is the glue that holds all successful relationships together. At, you can learn all of the best tips to strengthen your interracial partnership in almost every situation.

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