Emotional Attraction vs. Physical Attraction

Emotional Attraction vs. Physical Attraction – The Secret You Must Know

Emotional Attraction lasts long. Normally the first thing we’re attracted to when we see someone is their appearance which then turns into physical attraction


We don’t know anything about who they are, what they like or dislike, or what their interests might be.

All we feel is a natural proclivity towards that person. It may not be entirely about the way they dress. The structural beauty of their face, or the smoothness of their skin.

Aside from the purely aesthetic appeal, we notice certain things about the way they carry themselves which speaks to us on a subconscious level.

What We Are Told About Attraction

Most people are shallow and don’t give enough time to actually get to know someone. Just to see if there’s an emotional attraction. We’re swamped with songs, movies, and cosmetic ads telling us what we’re supposed to be drawn to. Being beautiful has been quantified and packaged for sale to the masses. And we’re told that anything other than this isn’t attractive.

 Important Aspects Of Attraction

There are many more important aspects about a person and about being in a relationship, that surpass the surface layers of desire. The same is the case with emotional attraction.

Emotional Attraction Goes Beyond First Glance

Qualities such as kindness, loyalty, honesty, intelligence, and respectfulness are the type of features that can’t be seen upon first glance. Yet they play an immense role in defining the connection between one another.

Know That Physical Beauty Fades Away

It’s important to be physically attracted to your partner. But you must remember that physical beauty will fade in time.

It makes much more sense to find someone who gets you on an emotional level. Someone who cheers you up when you’re sad. The one who inspires you when you’re feeling insecure.¬† He or she brings you back down to earth when your ego is getting the best of you. They will simply hold your hand and let you know that you’re going to be okay.

Emotional Connection Survives

The strength of an emotionally solid relationship will outlast the mediocre bond of a relationship based primarily on physical attraction.

Invest Time to Let Emotional Attraction Take Over

It is better to spend time and get to know someone before you become involved romantically. Do you really want to waste more time with the wrong person? A physical connection might be fun, but it’s empty in comparison to a truly meaningful emotional attraction oriented link.

If Personalities Don’t Click, Don’t Fall for Physical Attraction

Before choosing whether to pursue someone or not, look at the way they treat other people. Figure out what type of sense of humor they have. If your personalities don’t click, then you may need to make the mature decision and overlook their physical magnetism.

How to Pick Up Emotional Connection Traits

There is a way to assess a person’s emotional disposition before you even meet them. It comes with practice but after enough experience dealing with people, you develop an ability to pick up on certain traits from across the room. You gain a sense of who they are through being aware of the way they interact with others. Observe the different and unique expressions on their faces. How much eye contact they’re comfortable with. Their body language, the way they laugh, the way they sit, and even where they’ve chosen to stand in a room full of people.

All these little things give you hints as to what kind of person you’re dealing with.

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