Follow Your Heart or Mind in Love?

People dream about their perfect relationships. They spend time and energy on improving their relationships. However, they often face certain situations, when it is too hard to decide between the decision of their heart and mind . People often neglect the logical and practical aspect of the problem and initiate their thinking and decisions with the help of emotional connectivity .


It is part of human nature; which motivates people to be around things that could be harmful to their well-being in the long run. When a couple has been in a relationship from few months and has built strong emotional connectivity, there is a possibility that their mind will not look over their wrong deeds or action, you might ignore them and follow the decisions of your heart.


It is considered to follow your heart during your love relationship. It is the heart that motivates us to consume time in  a relationship and overlook the mistakes of the loved ones.  Motivation, a burning passion, and sincerity  are the key things any heart can want. If your partner has any of these, believe you me, your heart will keep you going whereas if anyone is gone missing your mind will start warning you. Connectivity of hearts determines the foundation of a great relationship.


You might consider and feel momentous reasons within your heart to continue your relationship. It could be the law of attraction that is directing your steps and letting the positive energy to flow from your heart. Your heart will reflect on the possible reasons for making this relationship work and continue your efforts to get better connectivity with your partner.


This understanding is beyond the reach of your friends and family. This heartfelt commitment establishes the direction of your relationship. Your love life boosts, and you follow your partner’s lifetime leadership in the relationship.

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