Emotionally Mature Men



The heart is the seat of emotions and these feelings are stirred up every day and they influence behavior and attitudes.  Emotional maturity is the ability to control one’s emotions rather than emotions controlling you.  The characteristics of emotional maturity transmuting from adolescence to manhood are noticed when a man has an understanding of his contribution and worth in life.  He knows where he is going, he understands the input that needs to be made to be successful and works towards achieving those goals in life.


Adolescents are forever learning how to cope with the challenges of life.  Many external factors influence their decision making and their ability to cope with stress and social demands. Visit GoMarry.com and explore how to transcend from puberty which is a stepping stone from youthfulness to adulthood.


A generic standard can be gauged from attitudes of lack of self-confidence, insecurities and not having the ability to accept help and support from others. The adolescent is always ready for action and constantly proving their own abilities and strength.  The adolescent feels the need to prove himself and needs validation which further encourages his competitive behavior.  The immature mind does not easily handle constructive criticism and is not honest concerning his true feelings.





In a relationship, a mature partner has developed a strong desire to protect and provide for the one that he has declared his love for.  He is kind, sacrificial, encouraging, self-confident and never feels threatened. When a man has achieved emotional maturity he is in a position to celebrate his successes and commend his failures as a stepping stone to greater things.  In other words, he is able to learn from his mistakes.  Whereas an immature state of mind can be explosive, casts blame, throws tantrums and never accepts responsibility for his actions.





A man that is confident and focused has the capacity to put his heart where his mouth is.  When a man articulates a promise of love he will back it up conclusively, without fear and favor.  Whereas a boy’s promise will be feeble and floppy simply because he does not fully comprehend how to substantiate a promise of love.


GoMarry.com is a website with valuable insight into how a man that is emotionally mature is able to honor relationship and commitment.  He will not manipulate his partner because of inferiority and insecurities but rather lift her up, providing advice and encouragement.  Maturity is the ability to connect on a deep emotional and spiritual level.  It’s the ability to make careful and prudent decisions and is being ashamed or too proud to garner input from others.


A qualified and mature man treats his partner as a team member whose advice and input is valuable in accomplishing their goals and pursuits in life.


Men are said to develop emotional maturity when they have overcome these insecurities, self-centredness and egoistic behavior.  When emotional maturity is evident then they have the ability to develop healthy relationships, understanding their self-worth and reacting positively to other people’s accomplishments.   Attention turns to catering for the burdens of others rather than self.


Furthermore, growing intellectually also propels a man from puberty into adulthood at the same time. Education provides wisdom and knowledge regarding self-control, long-suffering, patience and responsibility.

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