Turning Needy with Someone

How to Save Yourself From Turning Needy With Someone


People want to love and be loved in a relationship. This is a natural phenomenon; however, people often become extra attached to the person that they have feelings for. They often forget the value of maintaining individuality in their relationship. They appear to look at their partners for validation and authentication of their life choices. Considering them the only source of your motivation for going through a normal day could describe you as a needy and clingy person in the relationship.

It is significant to save yourself from turning needy with someone by following steps:


  1. Try to Slow Down In the new relationship

Try to slowly open up about your feelings in the relationship. You should be slow in sharing intimidate details about you. This would save you from appearing needy in a new relationship. Do not share everything in the first few dates but take your time in developing physical and emotional intimacy with your partner. Try not to be an easy target for your partner. This would keep things interesting and spiced up from the very beginning.


  1. Be Original

Remember to be the person you are in the relationship. You had clear rules and limitations at the beginning of the relationship; try to experience those details in later stages of the relationship. You need to maintain the same hobbies, family and friends gatherings, and career objectives. Do not change anything that defines you less than the person you are. You need to keep focusing on the great things, and he will stay attractive to you. However, you can also consult GoMarry.com for their assistance.


  1. Do not Say Everything

Men are often slower in determining their expectations from the relationship. It often takes them a couple of dates to determine if they are fully ready to be in a relationship with you. Do not present your feelings and thoughts in a platter to them. As long as you are not sure what the other person thinks about you, do not express your deep emotions. It can backfire and may hurt you as well in the future.


  1. Improve our Personality

Keep on investing in your personality and never sit back when it comes to personal improvement. You will be able to love yourself only if you have an inner confidence in your own-self. See what the current trends are and make efforts to look attractive to shift the paradigm of needy and attractive. It simply means to make yourself attractive for the person you need the most.

People look and desire their partners to have confident and independent personalities. If you were attractive, independent and confident at the beginning of your relationship; however, if you changed and made him the center of your existence, then you might lose your individuality in the relationship, and he will turn away from you.

Wait, and things will eventually fall into places.  You might not want to be considered as the needy person for this new relationship. Give them some time and space before giving your all to the relationship. You can follow these guidelines and sign up with GoMarry.com for their dating and relationship advice.

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