Self-Centered Girl

Self-Centered Girl: Easy Guide on How To Date Her

Everyone behaves in self-centered and selfish ways sometimes, but some people seem to do it more often than others. It doesn’t matter if you’re selfish occasionally but if you’re always selfish, it’s quite tough for your partner. So what do you do if you if you’re going to date a girl who is preoccupied with herself? Don’t worry, read these tips and you’ll handle the situation easily!

Protect your emotions

Well, if you’re dating a self-entered girl, you can still protect your own feelings. Instead of expecting certain behavior of your self-centered girl, you must accept what’s her reality. It doesn’t matter how much you get irritated, her behavior will remain the same. So you must protect your emotions and feelings.

Voice your needs

A self-centered girl is often so occupied in her thoughts that she doesn’t care about her partner. So you must remind her in a polite way that the world doesn’t only revolve around her. Voice your needs and expect her to be selfless for at least some time or on some occasions. But do it politely so she doesn’t feel you’re attacking her. Instead of say, you never care about me’, you must say, ‘I really need your love.’ Chances are, she will be.

Talk it out

It’s a great idea to talk to them about their self-centered behavior. However, start the discussion in a positive manner. Place yourself in her shoes and think about why she is so selfish at times. In this way, you might learn why she’s doing so and there might be a legitimate reason for her behavior. Tell her how much annoyed and irritated you’re due to her selfishness. In the end, listen to her. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with her or disagree; you’ll at least learn her opinion. It’s good to make your relationship strong and long-lasting.

Never feed her ego

She might love flattery but never give it to her for free. If you feel she’s looking for your compliment, never give her one until it’s really justifying. You might notice she’ll always expect you to fuel her ego. Never let yourself be used in this way.

Take a break

If your self-centered girl is really annoying, you must take a break. After a couple of days, she’ll call you and ask what’s up. Then you can explain why you’re distancing yourself from her. Unfortunately, she’ll never understand but at least, it’ll be a lesson for her. She’ll be more careful about her behavior in the future.

Get her to agree to work on her behavior

Well, it seems quite tough but you can give a try. If she really values your presence in her life, she’ll agree to work on her behavior. In such a scenario, you must fully support her and tell what behaviors she should work on. Tell her about her strong personality traits that attracted you when you first met at Hopefully, she’ll make changes and you’ll start enjoying dating with a self-centered girl.

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