Hookup Relationship

Hookup Relationship: How to End Such Relationship


Since hookup doesn’t include emotional engagement and generally refers to having sex only, it shouldn’t be hard to end such a “mission”. The problem can arise if one side doesn’t perceive it as such and has already been emotionally “hooked up”. The sooner the better rule perfectly applies here as in any end, especially if the reason is another person with whom you may have fallen in love.

When ending a hookup:


Don’t Over-Dramatize

It’s only a hookup after all. If you both have voluntarily agreed on being in such a relationship, you have certainly understood that this kind of relationship doesn’t involve expectations. What hurts most when people broke up a serious long-term relationship and are betrayed. So no expectations, no betrayal. It should be the easy one to get over when left.


Do it Face-to-Face

As humans, we should have some respect for each other. Texting, emailing, social media are not the means for breaking up. Face to face approach to breaking up is the hardest for a heartbreaker but the easiest for one whose heart is going to be smashed in bits. When you say it face to face, there are no unanswered questions left. Everything is perfectly clear as it should be. No ambiguous messages, no lies.


Don’t Blame it Somebody or Something

State it openly. Your partner doesn’t have to be a clairvoyant to see that you are getting emotionally distant. The more honest you are, the easiest it will be for him. No statements: I’m the guilty one because I’m not emotionally available. You deserve much better than me, the worse ending up sentences ever: I like you, but I don’t feel anything more than that. You are sexually attractive, really but sex has become boring. I feel nothing more than friendship and it wouldn’t be fair to you to give you false hopes. Also, stop sleeping with that person. It will slow down her healing process and give her ambiguous signals.


Be Ready for Negative Feedback

However nicely and politely you break someone’s heart, you have still broken it so don’t expect words of gratitude. You are entitled to your emotions in the same way they are entitled to theirs. So bad reaction is something quite normal and you may feel angry, frustrated, even scared. But, remember it’s only temporarily. Nothing lasts forever.


Don’t Expect a Friendship

No matter how good you two were, don’t expect that your ex is going to let a breakup switch to being friends with you. If they are any feelings left, it’s impossible and false. Your feelings of guilt, being miserable and the worst person in the world can only worsen this way.


Don’t Employ the Double Standards

Act as if your ex is you and treat him the same way when breaking up as you want them to treat you. Since one day you may find yourself on the other side, the one of being heartbroken.


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