Fairy Tale Romance: Some Important Lessons

Some Important Lessons from Fairytale Romance You Should Know

Any female who grew up around the likes of Disney movies or has watched their fair share of Romantic comedies will know exactly what it feels like to imagine themselves in a fairy tale romance


To find a fairy tale romance is a lovely sentiment and we can definitely get behind the idea of finding our forever partner. But sometimes we have to kiss a load of frogs before we find anyone that even closely resembles a prince.

This does not mean you won’t get your version of “happy ever after”. We just suggest you change your idea of what that looks like. In order to seek a fairy tale romance be sure what exactly you are seeking in a relationship. Read realism vs. idealism


The idea of Fairy Tale Romance Shouldn’t Sweep You

How do you stop yourself getting caught up in the idea of a fairy tale romance? It isn’t as hard as you might think. We have all been there when we are teenagers or young adults experiencing love for the first time. The world feels like it has stopped and is also set on fast forward all at once. Every second is filled with intensity and every moment with that person feels special.

We understand we have been there. And even worse, we have been there when that romance has been tarnished. And we literally feel our heart crumble to a million pieces. We also know that in those moments we just want a witch to come. And give us a poison apple or put us under a sleeping spell. However, we ask that you knock the witch out and choose to take this as an opportunity to learn instead.


Realism Can Help Overcome Idealism

This is the first lesson we are given in real-world love. And we must use it to make more rational decisions in any future relationship. If we can choose to see this as a life lesson, we can use this teachable moment to begin building our own ideas of what a healthy relationship or realism is all about.


Look For A Partner Who Acts Your Equal  

No longer will we consider a prince kissing us non consensually whilst we are sleeping as romantic; instead.  We will look for a partner who can act as our equal, treat us like a friend and want to learn everything about us and visa versa.

By using this life lesson as a tool to progress in your romantic life. You will not only learn what and who your ideal partner is, but you will also learn what your idea “happily ever after” looks like.

As a result, you will make healthier choices in your dating life and you will find your own version of happily ever after.

We hope this advice can help you to avoid any unnecessary heartache however we won’t guarantee that you won’t encounter some still. This isn’t the solution to heartbreak, but just a solution to help you learn who you are and what you want earlier than most of us have.

Your happily ever after can look however you want; you’ll know it when you find it. And you will surely find it on gomarry.com.

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