What Is a Casual Relationship

What’s the definition of a casual relationship?

What do you think when you come across the phrase “casual relationships,”? Maybe friends with benefits, or one-night stand! Actually, the term “casual” can be defined in many ways, much like a casual relationship. However, you can refer it to a relationship that’s freer of expectations or having low commitments. To keep things simple, I’ll say that all my relationships are casual until someone declares that he is madly in love with me.


Why people develop a casual relationship?

There are several reasons to start a casual relationship:


It’s where no one has to check in with anyone

In such a relationship, you’re free to plan things in your life. You need not consult your partner every time you plan something.


Friends with benefits

You spend time together, have sex, and hang out, with no strings attached. I’m not judging it as bad or good but this is all about a casual relationship.


Enjoy occasional fun hookups

Since there is no commitment, both of you can meet whenever you want or free. It also includes seeing other people for the same type of relationship.


No emotional attachment

There is no emotional attachment even if you’re physically involved in the relationship. People often criticize and say that you become a ‘utility’ in such a relationship.


Can a casual relationship turn into a serious relationship?

Yes, it’s possible. When a couple is dating casually for some time, they may decide to take it to the next level. Maybe they’ve realized that they don’t want anyone else or no one else could meet their expectations.

This is the reason people often argue that no relationship is ever truly casual. There are great chances that a couple in a casual relationship will just become ‘’a couple’’. However, on the sadder side, some couples break their casual relationship due to jealousy and possessiveness. They don’t want to get committed forever with their partner or they don’t want to see their partner with someone else.


How to check if a casual relationship is right for you?

Are you trying to figure out if a casual relationship will work for you? Have you found yourself on the cusp of a casual relationship? Well, it may be a great deal for some individuals but for some, it’s impossible. It totally depends upon the stage you’re at in your life and whether you want to develop such a relationship. For example, a young girl entering the college may have more fun just playing the field for a while. She doesn’t feel a pressing need to develop a serious relationship. On the other hand, a woman in her mid-30 may feel the ticking of the biological clock. She’ll be looking for a man to settle down and start her family.


Well, it was just a comparison. In some situations, a casual relationship becomes necessary. For instance, a divorcee is often advised to first build a casual relationship before moving forward. If you’re a person looking for a serious relationship, gomarry.com is the best place to find your partner.

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