Guarded Personality Traits

I just love the diversity of the world around us. We meet people of all shapes and sizes and if you take a moment to think about it, no two people you know are the same. Every personality is different, and every person is unique.


But as it happens in life certain things happen and each person faces challenges. Unfortunately, many people will go through heartbreaks and disappointments before we find the person that we decide we want to spend the rest of your life with. These disappointments can cause that we as humans revert to certain personality traits in order to protect ourselves for getting hurt again. This can sometimes have a very negative effect when it comes to our dating life. We build certain personality traits into our lives to guard ourselves.


There are many traits that have been identified and associated with people with guarded personalities. And the worst part is these traits keep us from being able to connect to someone in a way that sets a strong foundation for building a relationship.


Experts have Identified the following as some of the most obvious traits in spotting someone with a guarded personality. First, there is the issue of trust. Their biggest guard is the fact that you struggle to trust someone because someone in the past broke your trust. I think we all know that without trust no relationship can function at a healthy level.


The second trait you can spot is that a person with a guarded personality will not share every detail of their lives. We all have our privacy and things that we keep to ourselves, but this refers to the fact that you do not open yourself up and become emotionally vulnerable. This goes hand in hand with a lack of trust.


When building a Marriage only Relationship, it is important to spot and understand why someone has a guarded personality. Sometimes a person just needs time, love and understanding to help them through these times. Nobody wants to be hurt and feel pain so we build guards to keep ourselves safe, but sometimes we need to realize that not all people will hurt you and you can open up and love someone despite your past disappointments.


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Being emotionally available and ready for something new can be a very special thing and unfortunately, that is not something you will find on online dating sites. But trying a Marriage only Relationship will gently push both of you to open up and let the guards down.

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