How To Determine Compatibility

Forget astrology and fortune tellers: true couple compatibility can actually be boiled down to a science. It’s a basic foundation that determines a couple’s chance of success. If you’re wondering whether you’re compatible with a potential or new partner, go through this checklist and think about these claims.

In a marriage, compatibility is of utmost importance. This is why it’s important to do a detailed compatibility check before marriage, which is surprisingly not so present in dating.

During the dating and infatuation phase, we often present a sugarcoated version of ourselves, as well as our dating partner. This makes it harder to determine the actual degree of compatibility of our authentic selves.

At, we’ve prepared a list of questions to go through with your partner before marriage. This is a great way to dig deep and find out a lot about a person quickly and easily.


Partners should have similar personalities or personality traits that suit each other well. For example, an extroverted, social butterfly may find it impossible to stay in a relationship with a Netflix-binging couch potato.

That being said, there are also many other personality traits other than extroversion and introversion that make couples sink or swim.

A different sense of humor can also bring about a huge rift in the couple’s compatibility. The same goes for the partner’s attitude towards work and work ethics. If one of the partners is a bit lazy, while the other is a careerist go-getter, it’s unlikely that the relationship will blossom.

Hobbies and Habits

Even though some research suggests that it’s healthier for partners to have different and separate hobbies, it’s not completely true. If you and your partner’s hobbies are completely incompatible and versatile, you might find it hard to spend time together, which can harm the relationship.

Habits imply everything that makes up our daily rituals and processes. It sounds silly, but this is one of the most important overlooked compatibility issues. When you look at it, a simple habit like smoking can turn a non-smoker off from a potential partner. There is a myriad of other habits that might lessen compatibility, like food (meat-eater/vegetarian/vegan), addiction (alcohol, smoking, gambling…), active lifestyle (working out/running/sports…)…

If you want to make your relationship work and promote compatibility, try to adopt some of your partner’s hobbies and take part in them.

Conversation and Sense of Humour

The dynamics of the conversation is the easiest way to determine compatibility between two people. If you’re finishing each other sentences, a conversation has an immaculate flow, you have similar opinions and similar modes of conversating, you’re definitely very compatible.

However, if you have a similar personality, interests, hobbies, and habits, and you can’t seem to keep the conversation going, it might mean that you’re just not right for each other.

If you have a similar sense of humor, that’s also a great sign of compatibility. Humour is a combination of various personality traits and social behavior, so having a similar sense of humor proves that you’re similar people as well.

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