Smothered In a Relationship

Smothered In A Relationship: How To Know That Seems Like Love


There is a thin line between love and obsession. Even though it’s a wonderful feeling to be with someone we love, it can feel a bit suffocating at times. Are you being smothered in a relationship, even though you think it’s true love? Check for the signs.

  1. Your Partner is Excessively Jealous

A clingy, dependent partner who suffocates their SO will, in most cases, be extremely jealous. Due to this jealousy and consistent paranoia that you’re doing something behind their back, they will demand 24/7 contact. As a person on the other side of the jealous vibe, there really isn’t any way you can help it. Jealousy is something that has to do with the jealous person and their insecurities. No matter how you act and where you go, your SO will always be jelly.

  1. You Spend Way Too Much Time Together

Every relationship is different. While some couples prefer to see each other every day, some meet every couple of days, while others go for months without seeing each other (in long-distance relationships). If you’re in a smothering relationship, you will spend so much time with your partner that you will barely find time for anything else.

  1. Your Partner Gives You Guilt Trips

Each time you do make the decision to make some time for yourself and your commitments, your partner will make you feel bad about what you’re doing. They will try to manipulate you into spending time with them instead. This is a classic case of emotional manipulation used by people who smother partners in a relationship.

  1. Your Partner Expects To Be #1 All The Time

Not only does your partner expect 100% of your time, but they also expect to be your number 1 priority in all areas of life. They might find themselves offended if you prioritize your family or your health over them.

  1. You Have No Time For Yourself

You can’t remember the last time you were alone and did something for yourself? There’s no easy way to put it, but you are in a smothering relationship. When everything you do and plan revolves around your partner, it means they’ve managed to really get into your life and your head that much. If you want a marriage where you will have time both for yourself and your partner, visit Our marriage matchmaking site gathers people who are interested in a marriage and are capable of mature, healthy relationships.

  1. Your Partner Is Possessive

Your partner thinks of your time, energy, and everything about you to be their own personal possession. If you happen to give someone else either of these things, they will go berserk. With a smothering person, it’s therefore extremely important to set boundaries early on.

  1. You’re Thinking Of Ways To Be Away From Your Partner

If you find yourself coming up with elaborate ways to get away from your partner and spend some alone time, you’re definitely in a smothering relationship.


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