Happiness Finds You: When You’re Not Looking For It

In general, most people in life are in constant pursuit of happiness. It seems though, that very few find what they are looking for. The key it seems is that you shouldn’t be looking for it in the first place. You should let it find you.

It Isn’t What Makes You Grow As Person

Unfortunately, very few lessons in life learned from happiness. Instead, it is the troubling times that seem to be more valuable in this regard. So, instead of searching for happiness, you should search for things that will help you grow as a person. Do things that push you out of your comfort zone, or that you are unsure about. Often, the satisfaction you get from doing these things helps happiness find you.

Searching For It: Makes You Blind To The Things Around You

We can be so caught up in doing or looking for things we believe will make us happy, that we miss what is right before our eyes. In constant pursuit of happiness, we tend to become blind to the people and things in our life that can already make us much happier than before. Good friends, a caring family, a house over your head; these are all things we can be eternally grateful for, but tend to take for granted. These everyday elements are the ones that make life worth living, and bring us happiness even when we may not realize it. So, instead of searching for some foreign thing to make you more content. And appreciate the things you have and consider how much happiness is found in them.

Trying To Find It: Stops You From Living Your Best Life

When we obsessively try to find things to bring us some inkling of happiness, we tend to not live our lives to the fullest. Because we are confused with some untouchable goal of satisfaction. We don’t put as much effort in to living in the moment and appreciating the experiences we have. By shifting our focus to being present in our daily lives, we have much more valuable experiences and build memories that we can look back on with a smile. Ultimately, this gives us a source of happiness not only in the present but in the future as well.

It Is Found Through Purpose

Studies have shown that the true, long-lasting type of happiness is not found through physical things, but rather through things that hold lasting emotional value. This includes things such as having a good relationship with those around you and living a meaningful life. Essentially, this means that instead of trying to find happiness, we should try to find meaning and a purpose in our lives. To do this, put more importance on doing things for others, rather than doing things for yourself. Try to selflessly involve yourself in things, and have no expectations of getting anything in return. Happiness will find you when you least expect it, and this is usually when you are doing your best to bring others happiness, instead of trying to obtain it for yourself. Get some more help on your way to happiness by visiting GoMarry.com.


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