Hard Times in a Relationship

Hard Times in a Relationship: How To Fight

Relationships are messy and never simple. Understanding that every relationship goes through hard times might make it easier to get through them


No relationship is perfect. It’s nice to believe in the idea that when you find the right person, somehow everything will happen magically and there’ll be no need for drama. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work.

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Having a Row is Completely Normal

You need to realize that fighting is completely normal. No couple who has been together for longer than a few months goes without arguing about something at one point or another.

You’re two unique individuals with your own opinions and goals; you’re bound to clash with each other sooner or later.

What’s important is that you both make the conscious choice to push through your conflicts. Hard times shouldn’t be allowed to take over your senses.

You need to define what’s going to be a deal breaker in the relationship, and anything else you encounter will be dealt with together.

For instance, my girlfriend and I both have the same views on infidelity. If either one of us were to cheat, that would be the end of our relationship.

Anything short of cheating or exploitation is manageable. Fights and misunderstandings can be solved with honesty and communication so long as both parties are dedicated to the relationship.


Strong Relationships Are Built From Experiences

Of course, you’ll enjoy the happy times where everything is running smoothly. But things can’t stay like this forever and you shouldn’t want them to in any case. Even hard times come to leave us more refined and strongly committed.

Strong relationships are build from experiences. The more challenges you overcome together, the stronger your bond becomes.

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With every problem you confront and every issue that you solve, you fortify the connection that you have with one another.

Sometimes the same problems will keep showing up again and again. But you too begin to wear them down with your persistence and devotion.

After a while, the strength that you build together will be able to endure anything that comes your way.


Have The Needed  Clarity

Often though, a lot of people don’t have the clarity that is needed for the circumstances they’re going through. They have the ability to find solutions, but they fail to recognize where the problems lie because they’re too close to see things clearly.

During hard times, emotions cloud their judgment and they tend to take a biased stance on the situation. If this is the case, it’s important to seek professional help. Nobody likes to admit that they might need counseling. But for the sake of your relationship, it may be necessary to put aside your pride and do whatever it takes.

It might not even be essential that you go to a professional unless you’re having severe troubles. What matters most is finding an experienced outside perspective that can provide you with the advice you need. You may be failing to see the simplest course of action, and all it takes is an impartial opinion to set you straight.

This could be a close friend or a trusted family member who has been through these types of conflicts before. Be rest assured that as long as they remain objective and don’t take sides.

They could provide you with insight that is needed to get your relationship back on track. If you are sick with what you have reaped so far, just join like-minded people at gomarry.com.



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