How to Deal With Someone Who’s Not Obsessed with You

How to Deal With Someone Who’s Not Obsessed With You

Every person has a huge crush on someone at least once in their lifetime. Some people find new crushes every day, while for others it may be harder to become crazy in love with someone


Having a crush means that you’re absolutely obsessed over someone. This can be a beautiful feeling, but it can also be a curse if your feelings are not reciprocated.

Being obsessed with someone means thinking about them every waking minute of the day. You might find yourself stalking them on social media or fantasizing about crazy, made-up scenarios of you two in love.

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This is all ‘normal’ and appropriate when you first start dating someone: you like them. And in return they like you and you’re both crazy obsessed with each other, even if only in the beginning. But, what if the person is not obsessed with you? What if your feelings are only one-way and you come across a wall each time you try to get closer to your object of obsession?

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  1. Give yourself time

Infatuation and craziness cannot last forever. In most cases, they last very short, although the obsession may spiral and last for months or even years. If you give yourself time to try and see things more rationally.  You will start seeing the person in a normal way, and not in an obsessed crush. Then, you will also be able to approach them in a chill way and you’ll have a much bigger chance of winning them over.


  1. Don’t let it spiral out of control

Even though it may seem the object of our affection is at fault for being so cool, smart, sexy, interesting, unique, etc., it’s actually us that are deepening the spiral of obsession through infinite idealization.


The more you fantasize and obsess over someone, the more you’re obsessed with them! So, if you want to stop your crazy crush obsession, you simply have to let yourself take a step back and not let things get out of control. We know, this sounds downright impossible, but it’s the only way to get out of the tempting labyrinth of obsession.

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  1. Ask yourself whether you really like them for what they are

Obsessing over someone usually implies idealizing the person and not knowing them that well. If you see your crush as a perfect mythological being, an angel from heaven sent especially for you, you might miss out on what they actually are and how they behave.

As soon as you start perceiving your crush as a human being, rather than a deity, your obsession will stop and you will be able to have a normal conversation with them or even a relationship. Remember, no human being is perfect and you’re setting yourself up for disappointment when you idealize someone.

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