He Loves You: What Should You Do?

He Loves You: What Should You Do?

It depends on whether you love him or not. If not, be honest and confront him with the truth. The sooner the better


He loves you. Tell him you can’t reverse the same to him.  He’s not guilty of falling in love with you. It happens, so save him the suffering.


If you love him you should be the happiest girl on the earth. It’s so thrilling when you know that someone you are crushing on loves you back!

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What should you do?

You should be happy. Finally. Sit next to him and send him signals that you love him too.

Stop Flirting

You know that he loves you. Stop flirting with other guys on social media and in real life. There is no need to act like a fool and make him jealous. He might run away and I wouldn’t blame him at all.

Be Yourself

Now is the chance to do it because you know he already likes you. Let all of your inhibitions down when around him.

Go Easy On the Compliments

Nice shirt! Nice jacket! Anything goes. He will feel more comfortable and it will boost his confidence as well. Try to relax and not let the burden of the past ruin your new relationship.

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Be Positive

Be Positive about your future. Talk about mutual plans you have and make a draft of life you would like to have with him.

Don’t Rush

Don’t rush into meeting his parents and friends. It can spoil your happiness if not planned in advance. You should talk about it first and explain to each other what your family and friends are.

Don’t rush into wedding planning. There are tons of things to do, visit, research.  Go on a trial honeymoon. See how things work when the two of you are completely alone.

Try Him Out For a While

See how he will react if confronted with your problems. Will he comfort you, hold your hand, trying to find a solution. But you said he loves you so he wouldn’t probably go away.

Enjoy The Company

Treasure every free second with him. Take long walks and talk about everything that interests you in life. See if the two of you are definitely on the same page before going deeper into the relationship.

Know The Opposites

Check if there is anything you may quarrel about in future like kids, house, mortgage, car and some other issues. If not thinking the same try to reach the golden mean.

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  • This way you will literally practice your future life and when going through ups and downs you will remember a kind of behavior you adopted while just in a relationship.
  • Take photos of the two of you and make unforgettable memories so when the kids come you will have something beautiful to look back upon.
  • Never miss a day without telling him how special and adorable he is. Praise him for his strengths and don’t be too critical about his flaws.

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