How Can I Make Him Love Me Again — [Important Guide]

Feeling, or knowing that your partner no longer loves you is one of the most trying, emotional things you will ever endure. Finding out what has changed will help you understand what behavior needs to change, but in the meantime, here are some tips on how to get him to fall in love with you again. If you have been giving significant respect to your partner and value his opinions in your life, but he does not show any consideration, you should try for a perfect life partner. has well-suitable matches for a lifetime relationship.



We have said it ad nauseam, and we will say it again. Communication is the basis for any relationship. Speaking to him may help you understand what his frustrations are and what has pushed him away from you. Asking him what you could do to improve the relationship and to rekindle the romance may pleasantly surprise you. 


Be Included & Give Him Space

Relationships usually begin based on mutual interests. As your relationship matures and develops, you may find that you, your partner, or both of you have begun to exclude each other in those interests. Actively participating in his interests and supporting him will go a long way in reconnecting. Everyone needs personal space, more so, men. Giving him time to reflect and process his emotions. Being in his face and constantly wanting to talk about your problems will only drive him away further. 


Have Fun & Reconnect

Remember those silly games you played with each other when the butterflies were still fresh? Far too many couples forget that having fun is a fundamental part of your relationship. When you spend time with your girlfriends, it is not boring or mundane. Investing the same fun effort into your relationship as you do with your other friendships is critical. We don’t just mean sexually. Reconnect. Touch is fundamental to bonding and human relationships. Consciously making time to touch each other in a loving, affectionate way should breathe some life into those ailing butterflies. 


Make Some Effort

Far too often, women become complacent in their appearance when they are in long term relationships. Men are visual creatures and I can almost 100% guarantee that they were attracted to what they saw way before what they heard. Slopping around in shapeless sweats and five-year-old t-shirts with unbrushed hair is simply not attractive. We are not saying dress to the nines all day every day but put in some effort.


Pick Your Battles & Take Some Time

Not every argument is worth the time. It’s okay to feel the stresses and strains of life. It is not okay to react to petty irritations in your relationship by being snappy and reactive. The next time your partner irritates you, laugh it off and try to change your mindset to one of positivity. There is some truth to absence making the heart grow fonder. Taking some apart may put your relationship into perspective and allow you both to decide whether you want to pursue your relationship.


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