How to Challenge a Man and Keep Him Interested

It may be that you had been single for a long time. You were (often) lonely, (sometimes) horny and if most of your friends are married or in long-term relationships, you were even feeling left out. So, you put yourself out there: you created profiles on Tinder, OK Cupid and every other dating site out there, you asked your friends to set you up with someone, you’ve joined a gym… And it really worked! You met a cute, nice guy you’re actually attracted to and you love spending time with.


So far, everything’s fine and dandy, but you start overanalyzing and you’ve convinced yourself that he may lose interest in you. This is no paranoia, though, as men are known to quickly cool off from girls they like, for one reason or another.


To start with, dating will always get you into these kinds of situations. If you don’t show the man you’re serious about marriage, he will consider you just another dating fling and he’ll quickly lose interest. If you don’t want that to happen and you’re ready to find the man of your life, visit and find a perfectly compatible marital partner.


While you’re in the limbo of keeping things interesting and fresh for your new man, here are some tips to lead you to the right path:


  • Stay focused on the things you love

There are so many women out there who are so caught up in the process of finding a guy that they often forget about other important aspects of their lives. The more you dedicate yourself to the things you love, the less you will panic about your new relationship and the more you’ll have to talk about once you go on a date with him. Remember, he fell for the proud, energetic woman busy enjoying life, not for the insecure girl sitting at home waiting for his phone call.


  • Don’t put too much pressure on the relationship

If you’re really feeling the spark and you want the relationship to last forever, it will definitely be visible and you’ll put enormous pressure on your new, shaky relationship. Keep things casual and relaxed, but also reassure your new partner that you’re feeling good about you two and your relationship. This will be a perfect balance between being nonchalant and being clingy.


  • Don’t show him all your cards at once

To keep a man interested for months, years and decades, it’s important to always leave the flair of mystery and surprise around you. If you act like an open book and pour your heart out on the first date, along with your most intimate secrets, he will quickly start thinking that he knows all there is to know about you. Let him know that you’re a very deep and complex person and that every day he spends with you will allow him to discover another side of you he wasn’t aware of yet.

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