What is Skin Hunger and Do You Suffer From it?

What is Skin Hunger : Do You Suffer From it?

Skin hunger isn’t a horrible disease, it is basically the common name given to someone who hungers for physical touch


Loneliness can be a horrible emotion for some individuals. The lack of physical touch and affection can cause skin hunger and in some extreme cases even depression.

Humans weren’t made to be alone. We want to find soul mates and we want to be surrounded by loved ones.

Being surrounded by people we love and giving them hugs and kisses are part of our human nature and our basic emotional human needs.

Here is a short list of symptoms you may have when you suffer from skin hunger


  1. Fantasizing

You find yourself fantasizing about being touched by strangers or by a crush. You cry when you watch romantic movies where the boy and the girl cuddle or hold each other while staring into each other’s eyes. You fantasize and imagine that you are also in a position like that.


  1. Your hugs last longer than usual

If you’ve been single for some time you could be ready for some skin to skin action. When you greet family or friends that you haven’t seen for a while you find yourself giving them hugs that last longer than usual.


  1. You hug yourself

You start hugging yourself while you sleep or even worse. You have started hugging and cuddling with your pets. Isn’t an alarming sign of skin hunger?

Just to feel some love close to you. And even though your furry friends can be great companions. Nothing can replace the warm feeling that another human being can bring into your life.


Skin Hunger is not a gateway

Skin hunger shouldn’t be a gateway for yourself to act with lust and indecency. Having a need for affection can have a bad consequence. It opens you up to individuals who want to use you as a scapegoat for their own physical needs.

You will find people like this on dating sites that promote one night stands and quick hookups. Avoid giving yourself to these kinds of individuals as it will only leave you feeling emptier and used.


At gomarry.com, I want singles to find the man or woman of their dreams. There is no need for any person to live their life alone and to suffer from skin hunger.

It is very important to me that I try, through this Marriage only Matchmaking platform, to find you your perfect match.

Someone you can cuddle with while watching a movie. Someone who can comfort you when you feel sad and someone who can touch you and give you affection to show you that they care. That is what loving relationships are all about.


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