How to Deal With Messy Romance

How to Deal With Messy Romance

Messy romance is an unhealthy relationship where feelings are often stronger than usual with no plausible reason


Messy romance causes emotional exhaustion because of sudden emotional outbursts, detachments and prolonged periods of distress.

People engaged in such relationships, at least one of them may be a Drama Queen.

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If you are not deeply connected with a person in question do your best to leave a messy relationship as soon as possible and learn the lesson, once for all.


#1 Try to Sit Down & Have Serious Talk

Answer the questions like: Why are you together in the first place? How do you feel for each other? Are you manipulating one another? What are your common plans for the future? Who is more jealous? Why does every talk end up in a nasty argument? What has happened to you?


#2 Stop Being Manipulative

What’s more important don’t let your partner make you dependant on him. By doing so you will always get back to him in spite of you two being miserable.

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#3 Don’t Fight Over The Same Issues

Don’t fight over the same issues day in, day out because, in the end, you will accept that arguing mindset is normal. Every time you notice that the talk might escalate in a quarrel just step back take a breath and make a pause. Leave the room if necessary but finish the talk.


#4 Never Think That Your Relationship is Perfect

Just because you feel happy it does not mean your relationship is perfect. Try walking a mile in your partner’s shoes. Be sympathetic and be open with your emotions so that your partner doesn’t have to guess your feelings for this is the number one reason for fights.

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#5 Ask Yourself Why You Like The Guy or Girl

If you have more likes than dislikes it’s obvious that you still want to be with that person because of who they are not because of what they can become.


#6 Don’t Judge Your Relationship Based Past Relationships

Just because your exes cheated on you, it doesn’t have to mean that the current one is cheating on you. Nothing is going to potentially kill a relationship like making the current partner pay for the deeds of your past partner.


#7 Avoid Unhealthy Emotional Dependence

Being head over heels is a wonderful feeling but if your mood depends entirely on whether or not they called or texted you today it’s a sign of an unhealthy emotional dependence on others and you should stop that vicious circle as soon as possible.


#8 Realism Vs. Idealism

Try to make a distinction between reality and wishful thinking. After meeting someone who gives you butterflies wait for some time until you cool off to see how you feel.

If you find yourself falling crazy in love with someone you don’t really know that well take a break every few days to be on your own and do something to distract yourself from thinking about him.

Messy romances are usually results of idealizing our partners too much. People who genuinely want to be with you will always try to show themselves from their best side. If you misinterpret their behavior you will definitely end up in a messy romance.

Try and start a mess-free lifelong relationship with a like-minded person.

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