Second Date

Second Date: How to Behave after Successful First Date


After a successful first date, you are now ready for the second date. The second date is very important as you will get to know each other better and see if something more can come from the experience. Behaving properly on the date is crucial if you want to see this person again. A second date is the point where you decide whether you see a future together or if it is simply a waste of time. This is where you get to know each other more and you are most likely to be there because you already enjoyed the first.


Be Spontaneous

The second date should be about having fun and doing something exciting together. You have already broken the ice with the first so go the extra mile with a second date. It is the perfect opportunity for a meal and an activity. Arrange for a picnic in the park, or go out bowling followed by dinner. Leave enough time for the date to go on late. Drinks at dusk, a dinner at a romantic restaurant, and going out to dance is the perfect second date. It provides you with the opportunity to talk and get to know each other, as well as having fun together.


Use Your Manners

You want to impress your date and manners is essential in doing this. Say please and thank you; show your partner that you are happy to be out with her. Offer to take her coat, help her in and out of the car, open doors and pull out her chair. You also want to pay for this date. Show her you are a gentleman and make your date feel special.


Show A Keen Interest

Going on a second means that you already feel you have something in common. Now is the time to learn more about the other person. Ask her about any activities she mentioned the previous time and tell her what you have been doing lately. Listen intently to the things your partner says to give you clues about their personality. Ask questions and find things you have in common to discuss.


Feel The Spark

If you feel a spark between you then you probably have some chemistry. Explore this in more depth with each other. See how it feels holding each other’s hands or putting your arm around the other person. You can also lean in for a kiss or hug. You may already have done this on the first date. The second date will then be the chance to have more fun and get the chemistry going.

A second date is a great place to get to know each other better. Explore your feelings for each other. Talk about things you find interesting and show the other person that you really care. You will be on full display so ensure you are on your best behaviour. Be polite and do not dominate the conversation. Most importantly, have a lot of fun. This is the best time to show the other person that you are serious about a relationship but can still have great memories together.

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