Disrespectful Boyfriend

How to Deal with a Disrespectful Boyfriend


Disrespect is a lack of good upbringing and a surplus of ill-mannered behavior. It can cause great damage to any relationship. Unkind and distressing words, false behavior, and harsh interactions are not easy to come up with every day. If you are struggling with communicating, dating or even living with such a person you should leave him right away. If for some reason it’s currently impossible to at least learn how to deal with such behavior. Because it can help alleviate the stress of the situation. And make you find your way out of an unhealthy relationship.

No happy ending

I don’t think that I can offer you some creative strategies in order for you two to educate. And learn from each other to put an end to disrespectful behavior. I also don’t believe that it is possible with the help of advice to turn such a relationship into a happy and healthy one that thrives on mutual respect. Once your man is disrespectful he will always be in a smaller or greater extent, but he will repeat rude and inappropriate behavior.

So, my best piece of advice is to break up with such a man.

Hange it. Only through hypnosis though but let’s stick to more traditional means of “transforming” someone. Why? Because he is raised in such a way. He had probably watched his parents acting the same way and there was no other model he could look up to. His parents’ behavior influenced his character and there is no woman in this world that can change it. Only through hypnosis though but let’s stick to more traditional means of “transforming” someone.


On the other hand, if you are in love head over heels talk to your boyfriend and help him to understand why his behavior is so disrespectful, rude and unacceptable. You must speak up. No one will fight for you. If he understands what you are talking about and how he makes you feel, he will want to change if he is a decent person. But decent persons are not disrespectful so it’s really a vicious circle.


If your relationship got exclusive you should ask him to see therapists. You should do it together. It will help him, as well as you, to surpass bad patterns of behavior he became adapted to. You two together must work on patience too. It’s a crucial thing when it comes to coping with disrespect.


I can’t help but laugh when someone tries to justify such disrespectful behavior by the statement that such behavior was rewarded for years. Where? In the Old or Wild West in the 1860s? For God’s sake you are not supposed to date bullies but nice persons. Does other statement say that they have seen such behavior from TV and people in their lives, from their favorite characters in books? Really? They are not kids who copy their most-liked personalities in real life! They are adults and if they were really influenced by the above-mentioned things they should go and visit a doctor instead of being disrespectful to their loved ones.


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