How to Find a New Boyfriend – Guide

Why do you want to find a new boyfriend? Girl-friend/Boy-friend relationships are too fickle, especially in this day and age of one swipe dating apps. They also have a massive failure rate. Too often your partner will leave you for the next shiny thing. Plus dating itself eventually leaves both men and women a shell of their former selves, unable to love, trust or commit with anyone. Which later leads to nothing but wrecked homes and loneliness. But if you still want another boyfriend then stick to dating websites. They do exactly as it says on the tin, just give you another date.

However, I feel that given the option, most girls would choose long term commitment, i.e. marriage over being someones Girl-friend, side chick, mistress etc. This is why I launched It’s the world’s first MARRIAGE ONLY match-making website that connects men and women who are interested in marriage and family instead of hookups.

Another thing I’d like to mention is Marriage Meetings, this is something that I have been recommending to all GoMarry users. Marriage Meetings are a better alternative to dating because they give you the desired result of dating but within a few days. Plus, they don’t require any emotional investment.

Lastly, when you go on these Marriage Meetings, make sure you take a copy of my free book, ‘101 Questions To Ask Each Other Before Getting Married‘. This book contains over 100 of the toughest to ask, practical and honest questions. My Book can be accessed using these links, Paperback and KindlePDF Version, Web Version.

Best Wishes!

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