100 Free Online Dating Sites – Best Alternative

Free online dating has backfired for us. If you look at the current generation, they are entering the stage where they cannot hold a meaningful relationship. Because they are so used to judging people on a simple left and right swipe.

40% of the families in the UK are single-parent families and the majority of those are led by women. If you look at the U.S, statistics tell us that a child growing up in the U.S. is more likely to have a pet than a stay-at-home father. This is the doing of online dating or free online dating.

It has become accessible to everybody and it eradicated families. It could be any spectrum, the beginning of it, the affair based websites, whatever.

I’m here to pitch you GoMarry.com. It’s the world’s first ever ‘Marriage Only Matchmaking‘ website. It’s not for people who want cheap, short-term relationships, hook-ups, one night stands etc.

It’s for people who want a husband or wife. This website takes away all the guesswork, this website takes away all the anxiety of forever wondering if the other person even wants to commit or what they are thinking. Because everybody on this website is thinking exactly like you. They want a long-term relationship, they want marriage, they want to settle down and start a family. If that is something that interests you, you need to be signing up onto GoMarry.com.

Dating is a waste of time, the results come in years after and you have to date about 10 – 20 people before you can actually find the final person. The solution for this I’ve created is a much more formal way of dating and I call it ‘Marriage Meetings‘.

Normally, when you go on a date, you’re there to woo each other, you’re there to impress the other person. You’re always at a fancy place and you dare not ask all the questions that actually matter. So why ‘Marriage Meetings are different and produce better results is because instead of just two of you, there are four people attending these ‘Marriage Meetings’. One extra person from each one of you.

Call them a chaperone, it could be a close friend, a senior colleague, your boss, your aunt, uncle, somebody there to look out for you and they’ll be there to help you through these ‘Marriage Meetings’ because ‘Marriage Meetings’ are essentially a question asking and answering session. They’ll make sure that you stay true to yourself and get through all the tough questions that actually matter to you.

Now if you need ideas for questions, I’ve written a book. It’s absolutely free and it’s called ‘101 Questions To Ask Each Other Before Getting Married‘. Markdown every question that matters to you. It could be their ‘Financial health’, it could be about whether they want children or even if they can have children etc and ask away.

The best thing about ‘Marriage Meetings’ is they only last for a few days, all without you having to sleep with anybody or commit yourself emotionally with someone.

All the best!

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