Poly Relationship

How to Get Past the Jealousy of Poly Relationships


Relationships could be different sometimes, and people seem to love their partner depending on different terms in the relationship. A poly relationship differs from the normative relationship and involves multiple partners. A poly relationship is not similar to the open relationship; however, these relationships are quite rare and considered as loving multiple partners at the same time. It could be a normal practice for people to be in a poly relationship and be okay in loving and being loved by different partners at the same time. However, it can be difficult considering their partner with other people at the same time. It triggers feelings of jealousy and insecurity among polyamorous people.

Therefore, some of the healthiest ways to deal with the jealousy in Poly relationship have been described below:


  1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

People are often afraid to embrace their feelings of jealousy in the relationship. It can objectify with their identity of being polyamorous, so they tend to ignore and deny their feelings. It is important to acknowledge your feelings in the relationship. Remember, it is natural to feel jealous by seeing your partner with other people. Acknowledging and accepting your feelings will be the primary step to start looking for a solution to the problem. Once you get set with acknowledging that what is your position, you will find it easy to make a better place in the relation.

We usually face different myths about love relationships in our society. Jealousy is a sign of love; however, being with a different partner is often identify as a sign of neediness. If you are in a poly relationship, then you might experience jealously seeing your partner sleeping with other people.


  1. Check for the Possible Causes of Jealousy

Checking the possible causes of jealousy could assist in determining the solution of it. Spend some time thinking about the common causes of jealousy. Do you feel jealous about seeing your partner’s partner together? Is it their successful relationship, which makes you feel jealous? You might feel angry, irritate, and insecure from jealousy. You can spend time in developing your personality and exerting efforts to build up a strong positive mind about yourselves. Remember, poly relationships are all about being confident and comfortable with different partners.


  1. Communicate with Your Partner

It is a significant step to get past the jealousy of poly relationships. Analyzing and determining the possible causes of jealousy will help in communicating them to your partner. Describe and discuss your insecurities and feelings of jealousy toward your partner. Ask them about your needs from the relationship.

Once you make the scenario clear in front of your partner, it becomes easy for you to navigate the area which pricks you the most. Go into it and have an open, logical, but constructive discussion about setting some rules to follow in the relationship. This would assist in fighting your feelings of jealousy and getting a positive relationship with your partner. You can also consult GoMarry.com for their relationship advice. You can sign up for free at GoMarry.com and get expert advice for your relationship.

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