Sleeping Position And Its Effect On Your Relationships

Body language can say a lot about the relationship and feelings between two people. When you are dating someone, you can tell a lot by how they sit, move and gesticulate when they are with you


The absolute tell-tale diagnostic tool for a relationship can be observed during the sleeping position. For most people, sleepy time is one of the most intimate moments of the day.

During the bigger part of our lives, we have grown accustomed to sleeping alone. Now, someone has come in and we have to find a way to make it work. If you’re doing great, that won’t be a problem and your compatibility will start sparks even during the z-Z time. On the other hand, underlying issues will crop up to the surface when both of you drift off to Dreamland.

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What does your sleeping position say about your relationship?


  1. The Spoon

Great sign. The Spoon is a sleeping position where one of the partners holds another in their arms, while both partners are lying on their side. Your relationship has a perfect dynamic of sexuality, trust, and masculine-feminine dynamics.


  1. The Loose Spoon

The Loose Spoon is a less intense version of this sleeping position. It signifies trust and great connection, but it also says that you’ve been in the relationship for quite some time. It’s less sexual than the Spoon, but it’s still very positive.


  1. The Chase

So-called chase is the sleeping position where one of the partners distances themselves, while the other partner “chases” them into a spooning position. This can mean either that the chased partner is playing hard to get or that the level of intimacy is simply not there yet.


  1. Tangled in Passion

If you and your partner are sleeping facing each other, while your arms and legs and tangled between each other, it means that your relationship is very passionate and sexual. This sleeping position is found in new, hot couples, but it’s not sustainable in the long run. You will rarely find long-term couples or married couples who sleep in this way.


  1. The Unravelled Knot

This sleeping position is actually a combination of two: the Tangled in Passion and separate, independent sleeping. Even though you could presume that this sleeping position signals some kind of problems, that’s actually not the case. Couples who start their sleeping in the intimate Tangled position and then unravel to find their own best comfort have the best of both worlds: intimacy and passion plus independence and freedom.


  1. Sleeping Back to Back

Even though it’s commonly assumed that lovers facing away from each other are not so into it, this is actually not the case. Independent sleepers value their peace and personal space, but they have no problem sharing it with a partner. The more intense and intimate version of this sleeping position is facing away from each other with your bodies touching.


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