How To Tell If A Guy is Turned On

How To Tell If A Guy is Turned On

He will be ready to really listen to you and what you have to say rather than just pretending to do so


Knowing that a guy is turned on may seem too obvious to you now, but when hard times come you will be interested in this one. People, who love you, don’t leave you not even in a conversation.

He will text you or, call, you a few times a day but not without asking for permission to do so. If you are busy, he will not bother you. Neither, he will offend you if you don’t find him attractive.

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Following are some of the signs that your guy is turned on.



He will always look as if he is constantly receiving good news. Like a radio-tuned to a love frequency. No matter what, he will not give up smiling.



Know that feeling when he is always around you? That’s a definite sign guy is turned on by you. He will enter your personal space by standing or leaning too close to you. It will make you so comfortable if you like him too. This is my favorite feeling.


Gentle Touch

The next sign would be that gentle touch of his, which is so rare today. He will do it „unintentionally“, but you will just feel it. Maybe he will take your hand with the excuse to warm it or something similar, and that’s the cutest thing you can imagine.



He may be hiding his attraction, but his eyes will reveal everything. He may not look at you at all, but the pupils of his eyes will expand immediately. When he starts giving you plenty of eye contacts it means he’s really into you.

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He may be shy at the beginning. Not all the guys are courageous while flirting. But his shyness will reveal more love than someone’s else’s intrusiveness. I remember when I encountered such a guy and I really liked him but he was so reserved that I thought I had no chance with him. It was only later that I found out that he had a crush on me. Sometimes you must be persistent because you never know what’s behind the masks we are all wearing.



Every time he finds himself around you, he will smile with no obvious reason. He doesn’t need it since it’s all about you. Remember how precious you are if you can make someone smiling just like that.



You will make him nervous when around him. His fidgeting and body language, in general, will tell you so.

Nervousness is expressed differently by different people, but some of the common signs are: talking super fast or too slow, stuttering, hands trembling. And it’s ok. He doesn’t need a doctor, his brain and all the chemistry involved have finally started to work.


Body Language

Body language has scientifically been proven to correlate attraction.

If he leans forward when you two talk as if he doesn’t want to miss a word you say and mirrors you or his feet are pointing in your direction, he definitely likes you.

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