making him crave you

How to Master The Art of Making Him Crave You

So you have just met this new guy and you have started to chat a little bit and you are really starting to get to like him, but you really want to know how to get him to crave you


Making him crave you, actually is a lot simpler than you might think, with four things you will need to work on and they are:

  • Eye Contact
  • Mystery
  • Humor
  • Body Language

You might find that some places break down this sort of thing into something like “17 reasons how” but they just cut these four main groups down and try to make more of it that it really needs to be. So let’s get into it.


Eye Contact

Now you must already know that eye contact is important and a guy loves it when you flirt with him with your eyes. Be careful though, as you don’t want to just stare blankly at him with big wide eyes, as that could come across weird.

Instead, make sure that you look him in the eye and catch his gaze for a few seconds longer than seems normal. He is definitely going to notice that you are doing this and he will be aware that you want him to want you, which is great.



A great way to getting him to want you more than he already does is to have an air of mystery about you. I’m not saying you should leave him hanging and not tell him anything at all, but don’t give him everything at once.

As well as that, it is also very important that you don’t sleep with him on the first date. In fact, don’t even kiss him on the first date. Let him kiss you on the cheek but nothing more. Leave him wanting more and he will crave you like never before. Keeping the mystery alive is a sure way of making him crave you.



A lot of people will tell you that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but I can tell you now, that the best way to getting a guy to crave you, is to make him laugh. If you have a good sense of humor, he is definitely going to be drawn to you.

This doesn’t mean just tell him funny jokes, although if you have some terrible and cheesy ones they could work. Instead, just let it flow naturally. Maybe you have an embarrassing story. Don’t be afraid to be silly, as this can be a massive turn on for a guy.


Body Language

Finally, you are going to want to be aware of your body language to attract him. A great way of subconsciously getting into a guy’s head is to mirror him. Copy his body language and his tone of voice tone, his movements, and his posture. This will get into his head without him even knowing it.

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Meanwhile, give him gentle little pats when he says things you find funny or silly. Just a little playful slap, nothing too hard. Play with your hair too, not too much but from time to time. If you play with your hair when making eye contact, you will have him in the palm of your hands.

Remember these things and you are guaranteed to have the man of your dreams, craving your attention.

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