What is the Aftermath of Dating a Psychopath?

The Aftermath of Dating a Psychopath – You Need to Know This

A psychopath is defined as a person with a chronic mental disorder who is coldhearted and uncaring at their core


The criteria used to class a psychopath ranges from superficial charm to pathological lying and violent tendencies.

These individuals are incapable of empathy or remorse, and unable to grasp the universal concept of ethics. Skilled con-artists, the psychopathic personality is capable of displaying normal behavior – perhaps even at first appearing helpful and kind.

Yet over time, it becomes clear that this facade is only for personal gain. And the real character is revealed to be dangerous and unstable.


I Fell in Love with a Psychopath

I was once swept away by the charm of a psychopath.  And I found myself falling head over heels for romantic lies and calculated illusions.

We met in a communal house in a new city I had moved to. After a few months of dating, we decided to find a place of our own.

It was only after the deposit was paid and we were living together that the cracks began to show.

The first sign of his aggressive nature was the episodes of rage. The episode of rage would emerge behind closed doors, away from his social circle.

I put it down to his troubled upbringing. I thought I could just show him, love, he would miraculously be healed of his anger issues.

Ignoring the red flags I continued to date psychopath for the next three years. All the time I kept clinging onto my memories of his initial charm and my fantasy of him changing.

As time went by he became more and more volatile, and in the end. Yes, at last, came to know and fear a truly cruel and twisted side to him.

I tried to break up with him numerous times. But he would refuse to leave and as he was physically stronger than me. Hence I couldn’t get him out of the apartment.

I was ultimately forced to get the police involved, as I was on crutches and knew if he lost his temper I would not be able to run.

So after several trips to the courthouse, I emerged from the nightmare with a restraining order and severe PTSD.


The Aftermath

At first, the anxiety was so bad that I would twitch with fear when I left the house.

Everywhere I went, I was terrified that I would run into that psychopath. As I was picking up the pieces of my broken life, I would hear him laughing at me in my head –reveling in every failure.

I now wonder about the dark side of every person that I meet, what lies hidden beneath the smiles and laughter.

Even though I blocked his calls and access to my social media, whenever I receive a call from an unknown number I still wonder if it’s him.

After making such a bad decision to stay with him, I often question my judgment of situations.

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