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How To Use Your Inner Dialogue To Be Happy — [Read Few Tips]

Your inner voice and the inner dialogue you use could be the key to true happiness. explores why and how you can develop some crucial techniques to unlock your happiness. 


What Is Your Inner Dialogue

Your thoughts create who you are. In a tough spot, negative thoughts tend to enter our minds which seems to make situations seem even tougher. Your inner dialogue is the thoughts that we think every day. Allowing negative thoughts to replay in your mind creates negativity and positive thoughts do the same thing for positivity. Creating a strong positive dialogue daily encourages a person to be mindfully happy and consciously positive. 



Gratitude will be your biggest ally when creating positive thoughts. When you focus on what is good and positive in your life you attract higher levels of positivity in return. A gratitude journal, take time to write down the positive aspects of your day will ensure that you are on the right path. Start your journal with a date and the saying Today I am grateful for…….

When negative thoughts begin to enter into your mind you can page back in your journal to see everything you have in your life that is positive and happy. 



Probably the two most powerful words spoken are “I AM”. Completing those two words with another powerful, positive phrase will have you feeling like the master of your universe. If you find it difficult to think the positive phrase you can begin with speaking the words out loud every day. Habits are formed with repetitive behavior so ensuring you take time every single day to repeat you’re positive affirmation is vital. 


Goodbye Negativity

Actively avoiding negative situations and people is vital to a strong, positive inner dialogue. When involved in a negative mental loop it is easier for us to only see negative things around us. Actively breaking away from those things that create negativity allows our minds to heal. And gives us the time to bring in some positive affirmations. Doctors and Nurses who work in ER’s where they are surrounded by negativity. And will often take a break and head to the nursery to spend time with the newborn babies. Surrounding themselves with the happiness and positivity of new life helps them cope with the negativity illness and allows them to reset the negative loop. For you, in the beginning, will help you develop the tools to eventually block out negativity together. 


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We live in a society and a culture where we are bombarded constantly with noise and visuals. From the moment we wake up to our cellphone alarms going off to the moment we switch off our television at night it is noisy. Finding a quiet spot every day to write in your gratitude diary, say your positive affirmations, and reflect on all that is good in your life is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself. 

Using your inner voice to find happiness is the first step in self-care and the path to happiness. Harnessing positive thoughts, blocking out the negative, and being mindfully conscious of your thoughts will certainly put you back on the path to being happy. 

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