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How Positive Thinking Dries Out The Negativity in a Relationship

Positive thinking can do wonders in all areas of our lives, especially in relationships. When you focus on the positive and adopt an optimistic worldview, magical things start to happen


One of the peculiar phenomena in the realm of positive thinking is also the so-called law of attraction. It states that you attract the type of vibes you give off. It also claims that positive and negative thinking can directly influence the course of events in the real world.

Are perception and way of thinking really that important when it comes to relationships?

Well, the thing is – we spend an awful lot of time thinking, analyzing and pondering our relationship. No matter how much time we spend with our partner, we’re surely spending more time thinking about them.

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When it comes to thinking about your partner and analyzing your relationship, there are three types of people:


The Worriers

Worriers will find every possible scenario this relationship can go wrong. They will read off cues from their partner as something relevant and highly negative and change their behavior accordingly. Worriers are never satisfied with the state of their relationship. They always think to break up or hurt are around the corner and they are just basically waiting for it to happen.


The Realists

Realistic people also spend time thinking about their partner, but in a rational and objective way. They know the relationship is still fresh, so they don’t give too much time and effort into analyzing every single thing. They also don’t waste time on any positive nor negative predictions – they are concerned with the material facts, events that actually happened and communication that actually took place.


The Enjoyers

Enjoyers are at the opposite end of the spectrum from worriers. Most people find themselves in this kind of state during the honeymoon phase. of the relationship. You’re so taken away by your partner that you can’t help it but develop intricate romantic scenarios about your beautiful future together.

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Although they’re not realistic, the Enjoyers actually have the law of attraction on their side and positive thinking can actually take them places. When you observe a relationship with optimism and warmth, chances are it will actually go in that direction. Therefore, optimistic people often don’t realize that they are the ones who determined the positive outcome of their relationship.

Enjoying the relationship fully, employing positive thinking and law of attraction can do wonders for the relationship and completely suck out any potential negativity.

You should try this mode of living and thinking and you’ll feel your everyday life transform radically, especially if you are a worrier.

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